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Investing In Financial Penny Stocks

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Definition and Examples of Financial Penny Stocks

financial penny stocksFinancial penny stocks are financial stocks that trade for less than a dollar. Some definitions of penny stocks include those that trade under three or even five dollars. Perhaps a more accurate way of describing such stocks mentions their non-inclusion in the major stock exchanges. In the case of financial penny stocks, they are also not overseen by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Growth in price is not sufficient to remove the moniker of penny stock, unless they begin to experience trading on one of the major exchanges. By definition, financial penny stocks are inherently risky investments because of their detachment from the oversight provided by these economic entities.

Examples of financial penny stocks include small banks and other under-sized institutions whose primary function is finance. Village Bank & Trust Financial Corp. is one such bank. Atlantic American Corp. and Sprott Resource Lending Corp. are two others.

Risks and Benefits in Financial Penny Stocks

Since financial penny stocks do not report to anyone, there is a possibility that any claims they make are false. There is an equally high chance that these businesses engage in unethical practices. Still, careful review of the information available about these stocks can allow a shrewd investor to make lucrative investments.

The key is finding quality information about such companies. A potential investor should not consider a single report in the internet as any sort of substantial information. When investors begin trading financial penny stocks, they must try to fact check virtually everything they read that is not something already obvious to an experienced trader.

The gains can be spectacular. Since these stocks are valued at such low prices, even a small increase can double or triple the size of a trader’s holdings. Financial penny stocks are definitely a source of great returns.

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