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Find a Safe Place for Penny Stock Trading Online

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Penny Stock Trading Online

The Hunt for a Penny Stock Trading Online Broker

Due to the need for speed in small cap stock trading, penny stock trading online is really the only way to get the job done. Since penny stocks are, by definition, a higher risk investment than larger cap issues, many online brokerages have taken a somewhat risk averse approach to assisting their customers in trading penny stocks.

In addition, pricing structures vary wildly among penny stock brokerages. This often makes a noticeable difference in the cost per share of a small cap stock purchase, not to mention the additional hit inflicted when it comes time to sell. As a practical matter, this winnows out a number of well-known brokerage houses from consideration for those who are serious about penny stock trading online.

Best Choices for Penny Stock Trading Online

• Interactive Brokers is a name that not every investor is familiar with. The expansion of penny stock trading into the international arena has made Interactive a company that is well worth consideration since their strength is found in the vast array of worldwide exchanges their clients have easy access to. More than 100 markets in 19 countries are open for business to Interactive traders. The major drawback of Interactive Brokers is their rather steep minimum deposit of $10,000 to get started. For those who are serious about international trading, however, this is the one to get.

• MB Trading offers very low fees and a relatively low buy in of $1000 for investors who are just getting started in the world of penny stock trading. Options are particularly inexpensive for MB customers.

• Etrade has worked hard to provide a full service platform for all levels of trading expertise. Many of their apps are state of the art and they have a rock bottom $500 deposit requirement. The only thing that keeps them from being the runaway best choice is their relatively high trading fees.

Any one of these can do the job of penny stock trading online.

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