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Finding Hot Penny Stocks

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Penny Stocks Finding hot penny stocks is not very difficult in the Internet age, you just need to know where penny stock traders go to find the hottest penny stocks trading each day on the Over The Counter (OTC) market.  One of the great things about trading penny stocks is that no matter what the big board stock markets are doing on a particular day, there are always penny stock trading opportunities.  That means that even on a day when the major stock market averages are down significantly, you can check penny stock trading websites for hot penny stocks that are trading with high volume and provide money making opportunities.

Finding Hot Penny Stocks – They Are Easy To Find If You Know Where To Look

Finding Hot Penny Stocks While there are numerous places to find hot penny stock plays, Investors Hub has become the central place on the Internet that penny stock traders use to share hot penny stock tips and ideas.  In addition to the large number of active penny stock traders, Investors Hub provides very easy ways to quickly figure out which penny stocks are currently hot plays.  Investors Hub’s Breakout Board page provides a quick preview of which penny stocks are breaking out, based on recent increases in user activity on their stock specific boards.  The Most Read Boards on Investors Hub is another way the site organizes site activity statistics to help penny stock traders find hot penny stocks that are being discussed actively.  Investors Hub’s Most Posted Boards leads traders to the most active boards on the site being used by penny stock traders to share general tips about a wide variety of hot penny stocks. and are similar sites that have forums in which traders discuss hot penny stocks. Another avenue for finding hot penny stocks is to read posts by penny stock traders that have the widest followings on Investors Hub.  These active and widely followed penny stock traders tend to have their pulse on the penny stock market and are usually actively involved in the hottest penny stock plays.  You may even get lucky by getting a tip from one of the active traders about a penny stock before it becomes a hot penny stock.  To find active penny stock traders on Investors Hub that users have found are worth following, see the Most Followed Members board. Social media also provides opportunities to find and discuss hot penny stocks.  Both Twitter and Facebook have active penny stock traders that share hot penny stock tips and allow discussions among their followers regarding hot penny stocks.  In fact, Twitter and Facebook can be excellent sources for hot penny stock tips, especially since the information is pushed to you, rather than having to go out and seek it.  Just follow penny stock traders with good reputations on Twitter and Facebook and watch your feed for penny stock tips.  Also, watch their follower’s comments for additional information on their tips and for additional hot penny stock tips.

Finding Hot Penny Stocks – Sign Up For Penny Stock Alert Sites

Instead of going out and finding hot penny stocks entirely on your own, a penny stock trader also has the option of signing up for free email hot penny stock alerts.  There are dozens of websites that provide penny stock alerts.  The best approach is to sign up for some of the sites and then see how their penny stock alerts perform.  Some truly have a knack for picking hot penny stocks that are profitable trades, so check them out.

Finding Hot Penny Stocks – The Usual Suspects

One thing you will realize after trading hot penny stocks for a time is that while some hot penny stocks are flashes in the pan, many of the same penny stocks are hot for many months and sometimes even years at a time.  This provides opportunities to swing trade these hot penny stocks, as they fluctuate in price within a defined trading range, so find hot penny stocks and figure out what their trading range is for guidance regarding buy and sell levels.

What To Do Once You Find Hot Penny Stocks

Hot Penny StocksFinding hot penny stocks is one thing, trading them and booking trading profits is a whole other thing.  Once you have figured out how to find hot penny stocks to trade, it is time to develop a penny stock trading system that works for you. Remember that hot penny stocks are inherently volatile.  What can be hot one day can be a big loser the next day.  For that reason it is important to understand the reasons why a penny stock is currently hot and to use trading limits to get out of a penny stock trade with a profit or, if necessary, sell it for a loss before it tanks further.  Set trading limits, so you can book profits and cut losses, which means you will profit when profits can be made and limit losses, so you have trading capital for the next hot penny stock trade. Penny stock trading should be short term focused.  Never let a penny stock trade turn into an investment.  To be a truly disciplined hot penny stock trader, you have to sell your losers quickly and move on to winning penny stock trading opportunities.

Have a System In Place For Finding and Trading Hot Penny Stocks

Ultimately, you want to trade by a systematic method of finding and trading hot penny stocks.  This means, knowing where to find the hot penny stocks of the day, how to assess whether it is a good time to buy, how to set trading limits for both upside gains and downsides losses, and how to follow through and execute trades. Stay up to date on stock trading ideas by getting on our FREE eMail list

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