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Finding Penny Stocks To Trade

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Finding Penny Stocks To Trade | Where To Find Them

Finding Penny Stocks To TradeFinding penny stocks to trade can be a challenge.  There are literally thousands of penny stocks that trade on various stock exchanges and quotation systems.  Many of them are dormant with little to no trader interest.  Others trade in great bursts of activity and then die down and leave traders few options for making a profit trading them.  Penny stock traders need a way of getting ahead of the curve when looking for penny stocks to trade.

The great thing about the Internet is that there are hundreds of ways for finding penny stocks to trade.   There are numerous sites and message boards on the Internet, where serious penny stock traders publicly discuss their penny stock picks.   The hardest part for penny stock traders is finding reputable websites and message board users that have a good track record of uncovering penny stocks that are either poised to start trading actively and move higher or are currently actively rallying.

Some Ideas Regarding Finding Penny Stocks To Trade

Websites such as,, and have lively discussion boards that are great resources for finding penny stocks to trade.  Penny stock traders share their penny stock trading tips and ideas on public discussion boards every day.  Registration may be required, but the nominal cost of registering for these penny stock discussion board sites should more than pay for itself via profitable penny stock trading ideas.  Of course, it takes some time to find penny stock traders that have a reputation for consistently providing hot penny stock tips, but once you find them, their tips regarding which penny stocks are hot or are expected to get hot in the near future can provide plentiful profitable penny stock trading opportunities.

The other major way of finding penny stocks to trade is to sign up for penny stock alerts from penny stock alert sites, which are also known as penny stock newsletters.  Like the penny stock message boards, there is no shortage of penny alert sites on the Internet, but their reputations and track records for finding and sharing hot penny stock tips vary widely.  One of the best ways to find which penny stock alert sites are currently on winning streaks and providing penny stock picks that are making huge gains is by subscribing to, which awards a daily “Winner” acknowledgement to the alert site that picks the biggest penny stock gainer of a given day.  Also, subscribing to a few penny stock alert sites, and then tracking how their picks do is a good way to find alert sites that consistently find winning penny stock trades.

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