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Finding Pink Sheets Stocks That Trade for Dollars

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Pink Sheets Stocks That Trade For Dollars

Pink Sheets Stocks that Trade for Dollars are on the Way Up

It may seem counter-intuitive, but there are in fact a lot of pink sheets stocks that trade for dollars. Depending on the definition used, penny stocks can go as high as either $5 or $10 before they lose their title. Many of the world’s largest companies come from the same humble bloodlines as most of today’s micro cap issues, which means that a certain proportion of these dreamer stocks do manage to break out and keep going.

Some Pink Sheets Stocks That Trade for Dollars

• While it currently trades just a tad below the dollar line, American Airlines, AAMRQ, is a surprise player in the OTC listings. Having filed for reorganization via bankruptcy, American is looking to shed labor costs and unprofitable routes as part of its strategy to effect a merger with another carrier or to resume operations with a more viable overhead structure. If it is successful, shares in the company could easily take off once again.

• Medical device manufacturer Cardica, CRDC, offers a growing line of micro surgical products such as cutters and staplers designed originally for thoracic and heart surgeons. The company has been expanding its product line so that it is compatible with the needs of bariatric and colorectal surgeons as well. Cardica has been trending upwards and it is currently offered at around $1.65 a share.

• With signs that the real estate market is finally getting up off the canvas, shares of FMCCL, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation Preferred are likewise being revivified. Currently trading at around $2.93, good real estate news could bring some relief to this previously battered stock.

There are many pink sheets stocks that trade for dollars that offer the prospects of legitimacy in return for a decrease in the triple-digit returns occasionally seen in lower-priced micro caps.

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