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Extracting Value with Gold Mining Penny Stocks

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Risk and Profit with Gold Mining Penny Stocks

Gold Mining Penny StocksYou can alleviate some of the risk involved with penny stocks by investing in gold mining penny stocks. These investments are still penny stocks and liable to the same potential disasters and windfalls as other companies in this arena. However, you probably know how well gold has done in the recent past. Gold mining penny stocks stand a decent chance to rise with the general enthusiasm associated with gold. Since they are mining stocks, you also spread out the investment because mining companies will be involved in silver and copper mining as well.

You should not let the recent fall in the price of gold disturb you because these are mining stocks. You are not investing directly in gold bullion or in an index fund. Instead, gold mining penny stocks offer you an investment in the businesses that actually extract the metals from the ground. Your share price will not be as directly affected by the fads that drive the volatility in the gold market now.

Four Gold Mining Penny Stocks

You need to treat gold mining penny stocks just as you would any other investment. Do your research and invest only when you see solid reasons to risk your money. The following four companies are not necessarily recommended but they offer you a place to start looking.

•             Midway Gold Corp

•             Rangold Exploration

•             Apollo Gold Corporation

•             Kimber Resources Inc.

Remember to review the background and fundamentals of every stock before you buy it. Some of the gold mining penny stocks have been in the penny stock market for some time. Others, however, have fallen on hard times or have suffered a recent reversal. These are potentially good candidates for investment. Sometimes gold mining penny stocks have suffered unfairly from publicity and are really more valuable than their share prices suggest.

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