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Finding Good Penny Stocks

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Finding Good Penny Stocks

Good Penny StocksFinding good penny stocks is the key to a penny stock trader’s success in the penny stock market.  Penny stock traders need to know where to find good penny stocks to buy that have the potential to either provide significant gains in a short amount of time for a quick momentum trade or to appreciate in price over time for a longer term trade.

The good penny stocks are the ones that have market interest, positive news flow, and good forward looking prospects.  There are literally thousands of penny stocks that trade on the Over The Counter Bulletin Board (OTC BB) and (Pink Sheets) penny stock quotation services.  Sorting through all of these penny stocks is a monumental task for any trader.  Many penny stocks trade very lightly, and are not good penny stocks to buy.  Finding the diamonds in the rough in the penny stock market is what distinguishes good penny stock traders.

To make the task of finding good penny stocks to buy easier, penny stock traders need good sources of information and tips regarding good penny stocks.  The Internet has made obtaining information and tips regarding good penny stocks very accessible, but penny stock traders still need to know where to find this information.

Penny stock message boards are an excellent source of information and tips regarding the good penny stocks to buy.  On these message boards, which are hosted by websites such as and (these sits may require registration or user fees), active penny stocks traders discuss penny stock information and tips regarding penny stocks that they are researching or actively trading.

In addition to message boards, penny stock picking websites, such as, are also excellent sources of information regarding good penny stocks that have the potential to make significant gains in both the near term and long term.  These stock picking websites often make it easy for subscribers to obtain their penny stock alerts by allowing subscribers to sign up for email alerts regarding their latest penny stock recommendations.

A Proven Strategy to Find Good Penny Stocks

A proven strategy to find good penny stocks is to read penny stock message boards with active penny stock traders and follow the traders that stand out above the rest.  Make a note regarding how penny stocks that specific penny stock traders recommend perform over the near and longer term.  This can be done without actively trading the recommended penny stocks or committing any money to penny stock trades.  Just figure out which penny stock traders are providing good penny stock tips and information, and make a note of it.  When ready to trade, the tips and information from these successful penny stock traders can be put into action to make potentially profitable penny stock trades by buying good penny stocks that they recommend.

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