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Investing in Green Penny Stocks

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Going Green and Getting Green with Green Penny Stocks

green penny stocksThere are a lot of different green penny stocks that you can trade instead of or in addition to traditional fuel sources such as oil, coal, and gas. There is a vast depth to the green energy market, with much more available for investment than what most people consider. There are many more companies than windmill manufacturers that can be found in this green segment of the stock market.

Types of Green Penny Stocks Available

Green energy is made up of many different areas of development and manufacturing. You can invest in wind power based companies or solar companies. You could also find hybrid vehicle developers or bio fuels in which to invest.  You can also buy green penny stocks in the green technology field. This involves development and manufacturing of products and parts which aid in making the consumer’s life greener. Someone needs to invest in green household cleaners, reusable grocery bags, and the next new wave of green technology. You could be the one to profit from it.

Top Green Penny Stocks

Several green penny stocks which have been hot in recent days include Sky Power Solutions (OTC: SPOW) and Neah Power Systems Inc. (NPWZ: US). Sky Power Solutions produces lithium ion batteries as well as solar panels. Their solar technology development is staged to bring the estimated cost of equipping a home from more than $20,000 down to about $5,000. This is one penny stock that has everyone buzzing about its potential. Neah Power Systems also provides for the development and sale of renewable energy solutions. It has experienced a massive growth spurt recently, with its value surging by 113% in a single day recently.

The key to finding lucrative green penny stocks is to study the free stock picks, and evaluate the potential of the green technology being sold, manufactured, or developed. Determine to the best of your ability whether or not this product has the means, motive, and consumer base to succeed. As the world becomes more ecologically conscious, green penny stocks are becoming a major player in the market.

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