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Have You Heard About NASDAQ Penny Stocks?

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NASDAQ Penny Stocks

Invest in NASDAQ Penny Stocks

Whenever you invest in NASDAQ penny stocks, you make three smart moves. You trade securities on one of the most used stock exchanges in the world. You deal in very low-priced securities that have more upside than average stocks. Finally, you restrict your trades to a leading innovator with regard to financial information and communication.

Why Are NASDAQ Penny Stocks So Potent?

NASDAQ penny stocks are naturally as prone to large gains as any other penny stock. Unlike higher-priced securities that may have hit a wall with regard to gains, penny stocks have only upside in front of them. Since you can buy so many of them at once, you do not even need the gains to be that significant in themselves. If a five cent stock earns just one cent, that would be a 20% return on your whole investment.

Your typical penny stock cannot appear on the NASDAQ because companies must file with the SEC in order to appear on the exchange. Most penny stocks have not achieved the kind of prominence that allows them to file. However, some penny stocks are only in that territory briefly. After significant downturns in the general market or setbacks specific to one company, some previously successful stocks drop down into penny stock territory. They make perfect targets for investment because such companies are often liable to bounce back to huge gains. When you find NASDAQ penny stocks, you know that you have a potential jackpot in front of you.

Nevertheless, you must take care with these investments. Though they can generate great gains for your portfolio, NASDAQ penny stocks can be just as volatile and unpredictable as any others.

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