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How Do You Find Penny Stocks and Make Money from Them?

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How Do You Find Penny Stocks

How Do You Find Penny Stocks Today?

It is a lot easier to find penny stocks than it used to be. Since they are not available on the usual listings of stocks supervised by the SEC, you must look for penny stocks in the over-the-counter (OTC) market. Before the Internet, only real stock market insiders could contact people in this investment setting. Now, anyone with an Internet connection can buy and sell penny stocks all day long.

How Do You Find Penny Stocks That Are Profitable?

Finding these low-priced shares is easy. Making money from them as investments is another matter. There may be several thousand companies with penny stocks but hardly any of them are likely to generate earnings for their long-term investors. If you know how to time your purchases and sales just right, though, you can make incredible amounts of money from penny stock investments.

Take Vitro Diagnostics as an example. This company is in the biomedical technology business. This is a very active sector now that medical science is advancing so rapidly. This penny stock undergoes a lot of price changes in a single day. Some of them are very dramatic. Consider a recent day in which the price surged from 10 cents per share up to 15 cents before settling back down at 10 cents by the close of business.

This does not sound like a very lucrative deal to people who are used to long-term investments. However, if you had timed it right, you could have made a lot of money in the space of a few hours with just this one stock. Imagine that you jumped in at 10 cents and bought 50,000 shares for $5,000. Had you sold at 15 cents, you would have made $2,500 as quick as that.

Many other penny stocks offer similar opportunities. If you know where to look and can think fast, you can make a lot of money trading penny stocks.

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