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How To Find Hot Penny Stocks

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Penny StocksUnderstanding how to find hot penny stocks is crucial to the success of every penny stock trader. Luckily, it is not hard to find hot penny stocks in the Internet era.   While you can get a leg up in some instances by paying for penny stock tips, it is not always necessary, as much of the hot penny stock tips can be had for free on the Internet. You just have to know where to look to find hot penny stocks.

Hot penny stocks are accessible to traders these days in ways that they weren’t in the past. There is no longer any need to pay hundreds of dollars for a yearly subscription to a penny stock guru letter. If you have Internet access, you have access to hot penny stock tips that can be found for free or for a nominal fee. While the free tips may be adequate for many traders, more active penny stock traders may find the hot penny stock tips from sites they have to pay for worth the cost.

Finding Hot Penny Stocks – They Are Easy To Find If You Know Where To Look

here are essentially two ways to find hot penny stocks to trade. You can either have penny stock tips sent to you or you can go out on the Internet and find penny stock tips in a number of different types of websites.
Hot Penny Stocks

First, you can have tips pushed to you by penny stock picking sites that just require a free email signup. This is the easiest way to find hot penny stocks that are actively trading and may present good trading opportunities. Of course, not all of these sites are of equal quality regarding the value of their tips, so take the time to assess how each site’s tips perform before deciding which ones are worthy of following for penny stock trading tips going forward. If you find a good hot penny stock tip site, you have the potential to do quite nicely. Just make sure you perform proper due diligence before buying any of the stocks recommended.

The second way requires more time and effort. You can search out hot penny stocks on the Internet at the various websites that cater to penny stock traders. This obviously takes a lot more time than just receiving an email alert, doing some due diligence on the alert, and making a decision about whether to trade the alerted penny stock. To go out and find hot penny stocks on your own, you need to know where to look for them and who to trust. While we cannot tell you who to trust, we can help you understand where to look to find hot penny stocks.

Where to Find Hot Penny Stocks | Message Boards

There are many sites on the Internet which feature penny stock traders that discuss hot penny stocks. Some of the sites may require registration or a nominal fee to view their message boards.

For example, a site called Silicon Investor has an active penny stock board known as The Microcap Kitchen: Stocks 5¢ to $5. In this forum seasoned penny stock traders discuss the hot penny stocks of the day and their trading ideas. You can either register and actively participate by asking questions, or you can simply quietly follow along the discussion among penny stock traders.   Eventually, you will determine which traders come up with truly hot penny stock trading ideas and which ones are just full of hot air. Once you find traders that provide consistent ideas about hot penny stocks, you can start to get solid leads regarding hot penny stocks.

Investors Hub is another hot place for penny stock traders on the Internet. The Hub part of the site’s name is appropriate because it has become the Hub penny stock traders looking for hot penny stocks to trade. There are numerous active boards on Investors Hub that discuss hot penny stocks. The key boards to focus on include: Breakout Boarrds, which lists boards that have an uptick in activity; Most Read Boards, which features boards with active discussions about a variety of active penny stocks; and Most Posted Boards, which is a list of specific penny stock boards that are the most.

Two other penny stock message board sites that are worthy of consideration are and Neither of these sites are as active or have as many users as Investors Hub, but it is a good idea to weigh different sites’ discussions about hot penny stocks.

Where to Find Hot Penny Stocks | Follow The Winning Posters

Find Hot Penny StocksAnother approach to finding hot penny stocks is to forget about trying to weed through hundreds of message board posts, and just find posters that have winning track records. Certain penny stock traders have years and even decades of penny stock trading experience, and many of them are happy to share their wealth of knowledge and penny stock tips with anyone willing to listen. To find active penny stock traders on Investors Hub, see the Most Followed Members board.

Where to Find Hot Penny Stocks | Social Media Is The Newest Place

Social media is the latest place for finding hot penny stock tips. While many penny stock traders remain on the more traditional penny stock message boards, a number of successful traders have migrated to social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. Follow them for free on these sites, and have hot penny stock recommendations pushed to you on a regular basis. No work needed, with the exception of due diligence on their recommendations. Keep a scorecard of the performance of their picks to figure out if they worth following to find hot penny stocks.

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