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How to Make Good Penny Stocks Picks

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Penny Stocks Picks

Characteristics of Good Penny Stocks Picks

Good penny stocks picks usually have something in common with other successful OTC trades. Even when they are distinguished from each other by price, quantity, market sector and fundamentals, these choices exhibit similarities. It is useful to note them so that you can use these qualities as tips every time that you go to make a trade. Here are two very important qualities to observe in your penny stocks picks.

• Volume

A high volume of stock transactions is usually a sign that a stock will perform well for penny shares traders. However, the problem is that this is often not evident until after the fact. That is, you can see that a stock that experienced high volume demonstrated the dip-and-surge effect that creates profitable situations. It is difficult to catch this phenomenon while it is happening. Successful penny stock traders use tips from others and software to help them catch this event before the opportunity is gone.

• Market Sector

While good penny stocks picks can come from all over the market, most of them come from specific sectors that are seeing more activity than the others are. At the moment, those sectors are energy, biotech, agriculture and precious metals.  The volatility in these sectors creates perfect conditions for quick profits.

Seven Penny Stocks Picks for 2012

• Angiotech Pharmaceuticals Inc

• Quest Rare Minerals

• Dutch Gold Resources

• Healthy Coffee International

• BioFarm Asia Inc

• Avalon Oil and Gas

• Global Earth Energy

The names of these stocks are evidence of the concentration in certain sectors. Anything that is consumed or needed by a growing and increasingly prosperous world population is likely to suffer market volatility. Learn to take advantage of these penny stocks picks volatility to create significant returns for yourself.

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