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Hot Penny Stock Picks

Everyone Wants Hot Penny Stock Picks

For those who are interested in checking out some hot penny stock picks, 2013 promises to be a good year for making a little money with the venture capital portion of the portfolio. This is a good thing since the regular stock indices seem to be bumping up against highs, and the fundamentals do not support much likelihood of them breaking out even further. Alternatives will need to be found in order to keep the portfolio growing.

Checking out some Hot Penny Stock Picks

• People may not generally think of a major computer chip manufacturer with a billion dollars in cash as a penny stock, but such is the case for Intel rival Advanced Micro Devices, AMD, which has been shedding overhead costs in the form of 12,000 redundant workers. These factors tend to indicate that a rebound is in order for AMD.

• Dips can either represent trouble or opportunities to revisit a stock that was originally missed. Samson Oil and Gas, SSN, seems to have hit a bit of a pothole in their current oil exploration program but still has the capital to keep moving forward. As is the case with all domestic exploration companies, they are just one hole away from a pop in their stock price and the company has shown that it can do it in the future by having successfully pulled it off in the past.

• Houston-based Lucas Energy, LEI, has an established business model built around refurbishing older wells obtained from other companies. Production has risen but administrative costs were too steep to be supported. As a result, the company has undertaken an aggressive cost-cutting campaign designed to elevate its profitability by getting costs under its current production rate even as it seeks to expand that base.

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