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Marijuana Penny Stocks To Play Washington State Legal Sales

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Marijuana Penny Stocks May Heat Up As Washington State Allows Legal Sales

Marijuana Projected SalesWhen Colorado started permitting legal sales of marijuana in specially-licensed stores on January 1, 2014, marijuana penny stocks experienced a huge rally.  Since then, many of the budding young companies in the marijuana sector have sold off considerably.  With Washington State poised to become the second state in the United States to legalize marijuana sales via retail outlets, starting in June 2014, it is time to take a look at stocks that comprise to marijuana sector.  There is likely to be an anticipation rally.  The time to start a list of publicly traded marijuana stocks that may spike higher with Washington State legalizing marijuana sales is now.

When legal sales began at the beginning of 2014 in Colorado, considerable media attention was focused on the huge potential growth prospects for companies in the emerging marijuana industry, which drew a lot of investor interest to marijuana penny stocks.  This included investors that do not typically buy penny stocks, but could not pass up the opportunity to buy into companies that are at the ground floor of an emerging industry that has huge growth and profit potential.  The media attention associated with the Washington State rollout of legal marijuana sales will likely cause another rally in the marijuana sector.

Marijuana Penny Stocks That May Rally With Washington State Legal Sales

Marijuana Retail StoreThe marijuana industry is developing so quickly that it is very difficult to keep track of the wide variety of businesses that derive a good portion or all of their revenues from products and services associated with marijuana.  From a stock trader’s perspective, what is important is what the wider stock trading community considers a marijuana company to be, as they can be involved in many aspects of the marijuana business, from cultivation to distribution to products and services that support the industry.

The following is a list of marijuana stocks that trade publicly on United States stock quotation services and in one case on a stock exchange.  While there are no guarantees that these stocks will rally in anticipation of the June 2014 Washington State legalized marijuana sales milestone, this list serves as a good place to start researching the most promising marijuana stocks, in case another marijuana sector-wide rally develops ahead of Washington State’s change in law.

This list is subject to change over time, as companies either enter or leave the marijuana business, or change the focus of their business operations within the marijuana industry.

  • Advanced Cannabis Solutions, Inc. (OTC Pink: CANN) – marijuana cultivation and distribution
  • Alternative Energy Partners, Inc. (OTC BB:  AEGY) – marijuana order processing system
  • Alternative Fuels Americas, Inc. (OTC Pink:  AFAI) – marijuana cultivation and distribution
  • Anything Technologies Media Inc. (OTC Pink:  EXMT) – hydroponic cultivation systems and growing accessories
  • AVT, Inc. (OTC Pink:  AVTC) –marijuana storage anddispensary products
  • Cannabis Sativa Inc. (OTC BB:  CBDS) – marijuana seeds
  • Cannabis Science, Inc. (OTC Pink:  CBIS) – marijuana-based pharmaceutical products
  • CannaVEST Corp. (OTC BB:  CANV) – marijuana-based nutrition products focusing on cannabidiol
  • Crailar Technologies Inc. (OTC Pink:  CRLRF) – development of hemp fibers
  • Easton Pharmaceuticals Inc. (OTC Pink:  EAPH) – medical marijuana
  • ENDEXX Corp. (OTC Pink:  EDXC) – marijuana tracking, storage, and dispensary products
  • Endocan Corporation (OTC Pink:  ENDO) – marijuana-based pharmaceutical products
  • Enertopia Corp. (OTC Pink:  ENRT) – marijuana cultivation and distribution
  • Fusion Pharm, Inc. (OTC Pink:  FSPM) – hydroponic cultivation systems and growing accessories
  • GreenGro Technologies, Inc. (OTC Pink:  GRNH) – hydroponic cultivation systems and growing accessories
  • GW Pharmaceuticals Plc (NADSDAQ:  GWPH / OTC Pink:  GWPRF) – cannibinoid therapeutics company that develops cannabinoid prescription medicines
  • Latteno Food Corp. (OTC Pink:  LATF) – marijuana cultivation and dispensary and medical marijuana edible products
  • Hemp, Inc. (OTC Pink:  HEMP) – services and products for medical marijuana and products made out of hemp, including seeds
  • ICBU Planda (OTC Pink:  PLPL) – cannibinoid therapeutics company that develops a cannabinoid botanical extract
  • IMD Companies, Inc. (OTC Pink: ICBU) – hydroponic cultivation systems and growing accessories
  • Mcig, Inc. (OTC Pink:  MCIG) – e-cigarette for marijuana leaf, wax, and liquids delivery
  • Medbox, Inc. (OTC Pink:  MDBX) – marijuana tracking, storage, and dispensary products
  • Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions (OTC Pink:  REFG) – marijuana transaction processing and sales verification
  • Medical Marijuana, Inc. (OTC Pink:  MJNA) – dispensary products and retail medical marijuana products
  • MediSwipe, Inc (OTC Pink:  MWIP) – electronic transaction processing
  • Nuvilex, Inc. (OTC Pink:  NVLX ) – marijuana derived cancer drugs
  • Puget Technologies, Inc (OTC BB:  PUGE) – medical marijuana research and distribution
  • SK3 Group, Inc. (OTC Pink: SKTO) – medical marijuana consulting
  • Terra Tech Corp. (OTC BB:  TRTC) – hydroponic cultivation systems and growing accessories, also plans to engage in marijuana cultivation
  • Tranzbyte Corporation (OTC Pink:  ERBB) – marijuana dispensaries and commercial growing warehouses
  • Vape Holdings, Inc. (OTC Pink:   PLPED) – marijuana and cannabis vaporizers and cannabis concentrates

How To Play The Washington State Marijuana Penny Stocks Rally

GW PharmaceuticalsWith the notable exception of GW Pharmaceuticals Plc (NADSDAQ:  GWPH / OTC Pink:  GWPRF), a London, England based cannibinoid therapeutics company that researches and develops cannabinoid prescription medicines, all of the companies in the  marijuana sector that have publicly traded stocks trade on the Over The Counter Bulletin Board (OTC BB) or the Pink Sheets (  Many of the stocks are penny stocks, selling for less than $1 per share.  They have been highly volatile, especially since the beginning of 2014, which saw many of stocks in the marijuana sector make gains well in excess of 100%, some in excess of 500%.

How do you play the Washington State marijuana penny stocks rally?  Rallies that are based on known upcoming events usually experience considerable anticipation buying.  Research the stocks on the list provided in this article and other marijuana stocks you may have heard of and initiate a position in the ones you feel are the best positioned to benefit from Washington State’s liberalization of marijuana laws.  Just be careful to take your profits and set stop-loss orders, in case the trade does not work out.  Be careful! Once the general public starts jumping into these stocks, they may experience a blow-off top and make a sharp reversal lower in the wake of the publicity surrounding Washington State’s kick-off of legal marijuana sales.

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