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Penny Stock Broker Reviews

Penny Stock Broker Reviews Can Help You Find The Right Broker

Penny Stock Broker ReviewsBefore selecting a penny stock broker, it is a good idea to consult penny stock broker reviews to compare the various online brokers that offer penny stock broker services, so you can find the penny stock broker that is best suited for your trading level and needs.  Reading a few penny stock broker reviews can help a penny stock trader avoid future penny stock broker trading problems, and allow a penny stock trader to focus on penny stock trading rather than having to deal with penny stock broker issues.

Penny Stock Broker Reviews | A Look At The Top Penny Stock Brokers

Fidelity Investments, Scottrade, TDAmeritrade, and E-Trade – These four well known online stock brokers offer similar penny stock trading services, including:  easy to use online penny stock trading interfaces for trading penny stocks, easy to reach customer service representatives, online research tools, and reasonable penny stock trading commissions (generally between $7 and $10 per trade).  Using one of the well known online stock brokers should be adequate for the occasional penny stock trader.

The following penny stock broker reviews are for penny stock brokers that serve active penny stock traders.  These penny stock brokers may not offer the same level of service as the well known online stock brokers; however, many of them have trading tools that active penny stock traders will find useful as they trade penny stocks.

MB Trading – MB Trading has a sophisticated trading platform for trading penny stocks and low commissions in the $5 per trade range.  Their order routing system and trade execution speed make MB Trading a good choice for penny stock traders that want a lot of control over their trades.  MB Trading also allows their trading platform to be customized with third-party software packages, which advanced penny stock traders may find useful.

SureTrader – SureTrader has low commissions in the $5 per trade range for the first 1,000 trades, which makes it a good choice for frequent penny stock traders.  SureTrader has an adequate trading platform.  SureTrader offers a trading education services called Trade Coach that traders can use to improve their trading skills.  SureTrader is known to have a good amount of low priced stocks, above $2 per share, available for shorting.

Speedtrader – SpeedTrader has moderate commissions in the $7 per trade range, which makes it more expensive than some of its competitors that cater to frequent penny stock traders.  SpeedTrader has three state of the art stock trading platforms that have many features included in professional trading platforms. Since a $30 per quarter fees is assessed against accounts with fewer than fifteen trades per quarter, SpeedTrader is not a good choice for casual penny stock traders.  SpeedTrader is one of the best penny stock brokers for shorting penny stocks below $2 per share.

Interactive Brokers  – Unlike many of its competitors, Interactive Brokers does not have a flat commission fee schedule.  Interactive Brokers charges one-half penny ($0.005) per-share commissions, with $1 minimum per order, which means large penny stock orders will incur substantial commissions.  While Interactive Brokers’ Trader Workstation is one of the best professional stock trading platforms offered by online brokers, the difficulty of using their trading platform and notoriously poor customer service make the broker a bad choice for inexperienced stock traders.

While this summaries some of the top online penny stock brokers, it is a good idea to consult additional penny stock broker reviews before making a final decision regarding which penny stock broker to do business with, since there are many considerations when making such an important decision.

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