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Penny Stock Outlook For 2015

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Penny Stock Outlook For 2015 | Big Gains Look Likely

With 2015 fast approaching, it is time to take a look at the penny stock outlook for 2015. More specifically, which penny stock sectors will likely be hot in 2015, so you can focus on the penny stock sectors that most likely to provide big returns during 2015. Some of the sectors will be familiar, as they have been hot penny stock sectors for several years, while other sectors have fallen out of favor and look uncertain for 2015.

To develop an understanding of the penny stock outlook for 2015, it is important to examine the broad view for penny stock trading in 2015. With the stock market well into a bull market run and reaching new highs every month, there is plenty of liquidity available to fuel penny stock rallies.   Penny stocks tend to do better during the later stages of a bullish stock market rally, because traders are flush with cash and are more willing to put some of their cash to work trading penny stocks.

2015 is shaping up to be a year in which huge ten bagger gains, stocks that gain 1,000%, are possible. This is because of the copious amount of liquidity available to fuel penny stock rallies and the ongoing opportunities to make big trading gains in penny stocks. 2015 is one of those years that you want to pay close attention to penny stock trading opportunities, as there will be many chances to make big gains trading penny stocks during 2015.

While it is helpful to know which penny stock sectors are likely to be hot during 2015, do not put blinders on and ignore all of the penny stock trading opportunities during 2015, as some of them might very well come from sectors outside of the hot sectors. In fact, it is often the penny stocks that are flying under the radar, which are not garnering a lot of attention, that produce big multi-bagger gains for astute penny stock traders that are focused on finding undiscovered penny stock gems before the broader market finds them.

Penny Stock Outlook For 2015 | The Hot Penny Stock Sectors

Hot Penny Stocks
Many of the hot penny stock sectors in 2015 are likely to be familiar to penny stock traders. Marijuana, technology, healthcare, and biotechnology penny stocks will likely be hot again during 2015. Also, look at the materials and industrial penny stock sectors associated to be hot during 2015, as the United States economy appears poised to kick into faster economic growth during 2015.

The drop in oil and gold prices during the later part of 2014 shakes things up somewhat for 2015, as energy and gold penny stocks will likely not be the big runners that they have been in recent years.   However, keep an eye out for a rebound in energy and gold prices during 2015, since any rebound could mean big gains for energy and gold penny stocks in 2015. There are also individual story-stocks in the energy and gold penny stock sectors that may produce big runners, so keep an eye out for specific trading opportunities in those sectors.

Solar and alternative energy penny stocks have also been impacted by falling oil prices. However, electricity prices have not been falling, because only five percent of electricity in the United States is generated using oil. As electricity prices continue to rise and solar and alternative energy continue to fall in price, look to solar and alternative energy penny stocks to provide some good trading opportunities in 2015.

Penny Stock Outlook For 2015 | Marijuana Penny Stock Sector

Penny Stock Outlook For 2015
2014 has been an up and down year for marijuana penny stocks; however, the elections in the fall of 2014 were favorable for the continued high growth rate in the marijuana penny stock sector during 2015, with voters in Oregon and Alaska voting to legalize marijuana for recreational use. While the fall of 2015 may not bring new legalization votes, there are some big ones on tap for 2016, including the State of California, which would open up huge markets for marijuana penny stocks to legally sell their products. 2015 should be a strong growth year for the marijuana penny stock sector, with anticipation that 2016 will be even better.

Stocks within the marijuana penny stock sector should once again be on penny stock trader’s watch list for potential trading opportunities during 2015.   Both company specific news and changes in state and federal laws could have a big impact on marijuana penny stocks during 2015.

Penny Stock Outlook For 2015 | Technology Penny Stock Sector

One thing that gets all penny stock traders excited is new technologies that have the potential to reshape an industry and reap investors huge rewards.   The one penny stock sector that consistently provides winning penny trades is the technology sector. It just never seems to go out of favor.   This year, 4K television and 3D Printing appear to be the hottest items in the technology penny stock sector.   Keep an eye out for penny stocks involved in these two hot and fast developing technologies that are catching consumers and industry by storm as 2014 turns to 2015.

Penny Stock Outlook For 2015 | Healthcare and Biotechnology Penny Stock Sectors

Although there are likely to be changes to the Affordable Care Act when the new Republican controlled Congress takes control in 2015, the essence of the act is likely to remain, which means more big years for the healthcare and biotechnology penny stock sectors. Both sectors have been on fire over the past two years, as a lot more money has been directed at improving healtchare and finding cures to health conditions and diseases. There have been many multi-bagger gainers in the healthcare and biotechnology penny stock sectors. Expect more of the same in 2015.

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