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Penny Stock Services Give Traders An Edge

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Finding Good Penny Stock Services For Alerts and Information

Penny Stock ServicesFinding good penny stock services is something that can give penny stock traders a trading edge in the penny stock market.  Penny stock services include everything from penny stock alert services, to penny stock information services, to penny stock trading services.

The first of many penny stock services is finding good penny stock alert services.  A penny stock trader is only as good as the penny stock tips that he or she obtains and acts upon.  Look for penny stock alert services that have better than average histories of making good penny stock buy recommendations, and sign up to receive their penny stock alerts.

Finding good penny stock information services is an important aspect of penny stock services that a successful penny stock trader needs to gain an edge over their penny stock trading peers.  Once a penny stock alert is received, it is important that a penny stock trader perform research on the penny stock using trustworthy penny stock information services.  These can include penny stock company press releases and United States Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings to penny stock information websites such as Pink Sheets (

Penny Stock Services For Trading

Once a penny stock alert has been vetted using penny stock information services, it is important that penny stock services associated with executing a penny stock trade are sufficient to serve a penny stock trader’s needs.  The type of penny stock trading services needed is dependent upon the amount of trading that a penny stock trader undertakes.

If a penny stock trader is a casual penny stock trader and does not make a lot of penny stock trades, then a traditional online stock brokerage such as Fidelity Investments, TD Ameritrade, or E-Trade can provide adequate penny stock services for trading penny stocks.  In most cases penny stock traders can buy or sell an unlimited amount of penny stock shares via online broker websites for a flat fee of $10 or less for market and limit orders.  Online stock brokers also offer information about penny stock companies, such as press releases and SEC filings, if available.

More active penny stock traders looking for higher levels penny stock trading services should find out if their broker offers Level II Quotes, which are very helpful when active traders need to get into and out of penny stock trades at precise prices.  Level II Quotes allow penny stock traders to see all of the best bid and best ask quotes, along with order sizes for penny stocks.  Some online brokers also offer proprietary back-testing products that allow penny stock traders to test their penny stock trading techniques and outcomes, so they can determine which penny stock trading techniques are the most profitable.

Active penny stock traders and day traders may find penny stock services that offer direct access trading systems (DATs) worth the cost to provide them a trading edge.  DATs allow active penny stock traders and day traders control over how their penny stock buy or sell orders are routed, which means they can directly route trades to advertised bids and offers shown by market makers and electronic communication networks (ECNs).

When looking at penny stock services, it is important to remember that having good sources of information is key to successful penny stock trading.  The level of penny stock services necessary for penny stock trading is highly dependent upon how active a penny stock trader is and their trading requirements.

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