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Penny Stock Trading Sites With the Right Stuff

Penny Stock Trading Sites

Start with the Best Penny Stock Trading Sites

No matter what an investor’s general philosophy may be, visiting a number of penny stock trading sites is the way to keep up with happenings in the sector and to generate some ideas to consider. Just the same as investing in the stocks themselves, consulting with penny stock trading sites requires an extra ration of care. Many very legitimate looking websites are actually boiler room operators anxious to steer unwary investors to their own list of client stocks.

This makes it essential for a trader to carefully check the bona fides of the site in question. The best way to do this is to go back into their past record and search for stocks they recommended. Every site can point to dozens of cases where they recommended stocks that jumped in triple and even quadruple digit increments. The real question is where those stocks stand today. Are they still flying high, are they now trading at a fraction of their initial price, or do they even exist? Finding out the answer to these questions gives you a good idea as to whether these sites are great at advertising or great at digging out unknown bargains. Of course it is still possible to cash in on touted stocks, but it requires a fine hand and a lot more risk than most traders are interested in taking on.

Some Good Penny Stock Trading Sites

• Both Forbes and Barron’s have nice things to say about the Global Penny Stocks newsletter,

• The Motley Fool,, is an interesting community of stock picking and advisers that has been around for quite a while.

• Small Cap Universe,, is another up and coming site that offers some sensible advice on these subjects.

Of course, all penny stock trading sites need to be regarded as thought-provoking rather than as mandatory strategies.

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