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Penny Stocks to Watch Carefully This Year

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Penny Stocks To Watch

What Are the Best Penny Stocks to Watch?

Watching penny stocks can be a very tiresome task. If you do not have some help in determining which are the best penny stocks to watch, then you could end up wasting time and losing money. You can narrow your search by studying historical price performances and observing for changes in trading volume. You can also rely on advice from trusted sources.

Such sources are often the best guides for investment. However, you should not trust a source until you have tested it. Whenever you get some stock advice from someone, invest a little and see what happens. Think of it like dipping your toe in the bath water before jumping in. Once a source has been faithful a few times, you can start risking more money on its notions.

Some Penny Stocks to Watch in 2013

Here are some penny stocks that show significant promise for the year 2013.

• Vitro Diagnostics, Inc. (VODG)

Medical science is advancing more rapidly than most people can follow. Even physicians and other health care professionals have a hard time keeping up with the changes. Vitro is one of many companies appearing in this sector of industry. There share price is floating around 10 cents but has shot up as high as 15 cents. Well-timed trades could bring back huge returns.

• Inc. (WDDD)

This is another stock that can end the day with a relatively unchanged price after having made a handful of fast-thinking traders very wealthy. Hovering at 29 cents per share, it has made brief leaps as high as 37 cents in recent days.

• Foy Johnston Inc. (FOYJ)

This precious metals mining company issues a sub-penny stock. However, they trade hundreds of millions of shares in volume every day. This kind of action always creates an opportunity.

The best tips for penny stock investment do not urge you to buy. Instead, they point you to possibilities and urge you to watch carefully.

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