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ADCF Advanced Defense Technologies

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ADCF Advanced Defense Technologies


Symbol:                           ADCF



Outstanding Shares:       113.3M  

Float:                                          26.9M 


Advanced Defense Technologies Inc. (ADCF) is an Anaheim, California headquartered technology company, founded in 1998, that focuses on the development of systems and technologies for the Homeland Security and Military Defense Industry, in addition to the Wideband Communications Market, wherefore U.S Federal Agencies are forecasted to make annual investments of $81 billion by 2020.


Through the design and development of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), also referred to as Drone System Technologies, ADCF is heavily assisting the surveillance, border security, domestic infrastructure defense, law enforcement, and terrorist threat prevention markets. UAV’s are predominantly utilized for military applications and are often preferred for missions that are considered too dangerous for manned aircraft. Additional security developments include ADCF’s offering of Satellite and Communication Systems such as multi-band phased array antennas, wideband transceivers, electronic steered antennas, diplexer/multiplexer networks, wideband radio frequency antennas designed for high data rate multi-point communications, and wideband tracking and sensor systems. Accordingly, ADCF system technologies have been designed and developed with the assistance of Government Agencies including NASA. U.S Air Force, U.S Army, U.S Navy, U.S Missile Defense Agency, U.S Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and Phillip Labs; a reputable defense contractor.


Furthermore, in combination with ADCF’s partnering with AeroSpy, ADCF has recently announced they are developing 3D mapping and surveillance technologies for ADCF’s UAV’s/Drone Systems which will provide identification, motion detection, and ground mapping for military observations, border control, disaster mitigation and response, maritime security and other military applications. However, not only will ADCF’s latest technology be utilized for military applications yet will also have the capability of being adapted for civilian applications such as accurate digital mapping for city, state, and national planning, geographic data for landfill management, farm management, and environmental data management for mining. As so, ADCF’s newest technology will greatly assist ADCF’s current tactic of establishing strong domestic and global alliances that are searching for technology to utilize in their border security missions.

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