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AEXE (Aim Exploration Inc.)

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Aim Exploration Inc. (AEXE) is a Nevada headquartered junior mining company currently operating two mining and exploration projects located in the Philippines and Peru.

Under a Joint Venture,AEXE acquired 40% interest of a 648-hectare mining property in the Northern Philippines, logistically closed to China and Taiwan, which is highly rich in feldspar, silica sand, and limestone. After Completing a Quality Test Production, the company has received high interest from international companies as feldspar and silica sand are two minerals that are commonly used to make some of our everyday products such as drinking glasses, protective glass, tableware, ceramics, windows, jars, bottles, floor tiles, shower basins, light bulbs, and much more.After recently Upgrading and Expanding the Production of the property, the company has Solidified an Agreement with a Large Ceramic Manufacturer in the Philippines, Royal Tern Ceramics, who will be make monthly orders equating to approximately $400,000 in revenue and has Provided Samples to Additional Companies in the Philippines as well.

Furthermore, AEXE, with Unanimous Local Community Support, is operating a new project in the mining of another highly desirable resource, the Anthracite Coal Project located in Peru and is strategically located near a port with direct access to the Pacific Ocean and is servicing ships with capacities of up to 35,000 tons. According to research, anthracite is a hard compact variety of coal that has the highest calorific content of all types of coal, has the fewest impurities, and burns much cleaner than other types of coal. However,this specific type of coal is only mined in a very few countries despite the end users being large beneficiaries such as railways, power industry, and steel manufacturers. Resulting from positive lab reports, AEXE has Received Interest from Various Parties in China, India, and Turkey and is currently working to Fulfill the First Orderfor Prina Energy, a coal trader operating in Columbia, Indonesia, South Africa, and Canada, to Purchase 500,000 Annual Metric Tons of anthracite coal.




Market Outlook:

  • Anthracite coal is a hard compact variety of coal that has the fewest impurities and burns much cleaner than types of coal.
  • Anthracite is only accounts for 1% of the global coal reserves and is only found in few countries.
  • Approximately 39% of U.S. electricity is still produced from coal.
  • According to the International Energy Agency, India will become the world’s largest coal importer by 2020 and is set to more than double its coal consumption by 2035.
  • Coal meets 54.5% of India’s energy needs, and 61.5% of the installed power generation capacity, and plays a key role in industries like steel and cement.
  • The International Energy Agency forecasts China’s coal use will rise an annual 2.6% and total 3.28 billion tonnes by 2018.
  • Citi Bank predicts China’s demand for coal will peak by 2020.
  • Feldsparis a mineral commonly used to make some of the everyday products such as drinking glasses, protective glass, tableware, ceramics, windows, jars, bottles, floor tiles, shower basins, light bulbs, and much more.
  • The Global Feldspar Market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 4.04% through the increased use of glass in packaging has become a major trend.
  • Due to the toxic and harmful effects of plastics, food and beverage companies are turning to the use of glass bottles for packaging including selling milk in glass bottles.
  • According to Transparency Market Research, the global market for glass packaging for food and beverage, beer and other alcoholic beverages, and pharmaceuticals will total $59.94 billion by 2019.


Recent News:

  • AEXE recently appointed a New Member to its Board of Directors, Dr. Carlos Arias Eguiguren, who has extensive knowledge and experience in the acquisition and development of mines from his previous employments, including Director of the Ecuadorian Chamber of Mines.

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