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AMWI Amwest Imaging Inc.

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AMWI Amwest Imaging Inc.







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Outstanding Shares:       521.6M

Float:                                    104.0M


Amwest Imaging Inc. (AMWI) is a California technology company who provides internet-based solutions for businesses in need of creating and establishing a profitable customer-relationship and Voice-Over-Internet Protocol (VOIP) encryption software.


AMWI’s solutions include a custom website creation for businesses in need of a strong marketing emphasis via My Restaurant Web which includes further marketing tools such as SMS technology and email. Alternatively, AMWI offers a 256-Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Application, for primary usage on Skype but also available for Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Blackberry, named ZipClik.




SR&R’s reasoning on why AMWI may take a Breakout Bounce to Profit!


  • In November 2011, AMWI completed a Joint Venture Agreement with eMarketTeam Holdings who will assist AMWI in providing a web based platform, which will extend AMWI’s existing customer base; AMWI anticipates this expansion alone will generate annual revenues in excess of $12 million.
  • AMWI’s My Restaurant Web has been named as one of the Top 20 L.A. web designers by an online marketplace.
  • Since 2011, Cloud Computing has seen massive growth and is expected to grow at large during 2012, this will especially benefit the Application Software Industry which is expected to reach $457 billion; AMWI is taking part of this multi-billion dollar industry by continuously searching to expand My Restaurant Web.
  • In a recent 2012 prediction from analyst firm, IDC, predicts about 80% of emerging commercial enterprise applications will be deployed on cloud platforms; AMWI is staying one step ahead via its web-based solutions.
  • 2011 was a year of multiple Skype hackings where accounts were seized to unwanted “criminals” where various accounts were billed for Skype calls that were never taken placed by the accountholders; AMWI helps prevent conversations from being decrypted by unwanted eyes at the start of the conversation with ZipClik.
  • With over 600 million Skype members, Skype’s 2010 revenues equated to $860 million; As the Skype community grows every day, efficient and protective VOIP encryption software is highly needed as valuable information such as financial data, contact data, credit information, passwords etc. is being exchanged daily via Skype.
  • Additionally, valuable and sensitive information, as mentioned above, is being “transferred” via the recent “iChat” phenomenon where one can video call directly to another member that has a Smartphone such as iPhone; AMWI’s ZipClik is also applicable to these Smartphone devices to protect privacy.


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