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ANPFF (Anpulo Food Inc.)

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ANPFF LOGOAnpulo Food Inc. (ANPFF) is a U.S. OTC-listed company who specializes in the livestock and poultry food processing sector in the People’s Republic of China.

Currently operating in a 272,477 sq. foot factory with an additional 116,250 sq. foot for construction, ANPFF processes, distributes, and markets over 190 unique meat products, including chilled/frozen pork and preserved pork products, made only from the Nationally Approved Brand of organic and ecologically bred pigs.  Through this specific model of selecting only organic and ecologically fed hogs from individual farmers or pig farms, ANPFF attracts buyers from several first and second tier cities in the People’s Republic of China and fully intends to acquire many regional slaughterhouses and meat processing plants to increase the annual slaughter capacity of 250,000 hogs this 2016. In doing so, the company will guarantee additional fresh meat resources and will advance their developing partnerships with local and international supermarket giants such as Carrefour.

Further advancement by the company includes a Recent Announcement of engaging with a boutique corporate finance and investor relations advisory company, Macca Holdings Inc. who has over 30 years of experience in investor relations and corporate finance from Fortune 500 companies and investment banks, and will assist ANPFF in the growth and expansion of the company.


Market Outlook:

  • According to research, pork makes up 60% of China’s meat consumption and is the leading pork consumer in the world along with the world’s largest pork producer.
  • In 2014, China consumed 125.6 billion pounds of pork.
  • Several food scandals in China such as rat meat masquerading as lamb, rice containing arsenic, cabbage doused in formaldehyde, and rotten meat burgers cooked in recycled oil from a sewer are all some of the food safety scandals China witnessed over recent years.
  • As a result of the food safety scandals, residents have sought out alternative food sources and have risen the demand for organic food and imported products.
  • In Beijing and Shanghai, boutique food shops and specialty shops selling organic food have seen a large growth, specifically from the middle class.
  • In terms of revenue, Carrefour is the 4th largest retail group in the world after Walmart and Tesco and operates over 10,000 locations around the world.

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