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AUMY Auric Mining Company







Current PPS:                           $0.018

10-Day Avg Vol:                      63.2K


Outstanding Shares:         79.6M

Float:                                            32.1M


AUMY is a Hot Penny Stock that looks Ready to ROCK!


Auric Mining Company (AUMY), founded in 1994 and headquartered in Port Huron, Michigan, engages in the investment and management of mining and natural resource projects primarily in the Wawa area of the Sault Ste. Marie Mining District in Ontario, Canada.

AUMY’s focus is to acquire, joint-venture, or invest in properties, specifically in the Wawa area, to do extensive research and exploration for high contents of gold and precious metals/minerals.

Currently, AUMY has reported their negotiations for the completion of a purchase agreement to acquire a gold property in the Abitibi Greenstone belt located miles across the Ontario- Quebec border in Canada. AUMY’s current projects include the “Dolly Gold showing” and “Dog Lake Project” where constant exploration is taking placed. The “Dolly Gold showing” has shown massive amounts of gold bearing quartz and wide spread of various minerals such as tourmaline, pyrite, and chalcopyrite. AUMY’s Dog Lake Project location is near the Canadian Shield, specifically near the Wawa area.


Reasons why SR&R anticipates AUMY is Ready to ROCK!

– The Canadian Abitibi Greenstone belt is famously known for producing billions of grams of gold for Canada and is located near numerous large gold reserves in Canada; AUMY will begin this work in Spring 2012!

– Canada is a global known location as the world’s largest exporter of metals and mineral. In 2009, the Canadian mineral production valued at an estimated $32.3 billion; Canada is ranked among the Top 5 countries for the production of 12 minerals and metals.

AUMY’s CEO, Michael Burke, has worked for over a decade in the mining sector and specializes in technological integration, mining and geophysical exploration, finance, project and corporate development with a successful track record of extracting shareholder value; AUMY’s CEO has already identified and earmarked a number of properties containing over $300,000,000 worth of new reserves, which are being explored and considered for production

– Production exploration in the Wawa area has been known to be very profitable in which numerous deposits of small diamonds with metamorphosed Archean basement rocks have been discovered; AUMY’s unique discoveries have caught the interest of some of the  world’s biggest diamond producers.

– Mining companies saw moderate growth in 2011, and the forecast for 2012 is strong as global demand for base and precious metals continues to climb.

– Prices for precious metals are expected to rise as the demand increases

– As of the close on Jan.4th, BarChart has ranked AUMY as a “STRONG BUY”

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