BCDH Black Castle Developments Holdings

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BCDH Black Castle Developments Holdings



Symbol:                                      BCDH.pk


Current PPS:                            $0.095

Avg. 10day Vol:                          39K


Float:                                            68.42M


Black Castle Developments Holdings, Inc. (BCDH) is a California based company who focuses on the acquisition of non-performing notes and purchasing bank owned, distressed commercial and real-estate properties such as apartments, multiple dwelling units, warehouses, condominiums, office buildings, retail plazas, and generated income commercial and residential leased/rented properties.


A Non-Performing Note (NPN) is the stage before being claimed as a foreclosure or bankrupt and is defined as the action of either not paying the mortgage debt or severely behind on the payments. As a result of continuous nonpayment, BCDH will acquire these properties and will identify and evaluate the property to reverse the distressed property into a lucrative one.


Currently, BCDH has hired an independent auditing firm, Gruber & Company LLC, to prepare a thorough filing report demonstrating the success of BCDH’s business model thus far.


Website www.blackcastledevelopments.com


Just some reasons why SR&R foresee BCDH to be a triumphant play:


BCDH’s management team has over 50 years of commercial real estate finance experience who see great potential in the acquisition of NPN and troubled properties and have purchased/invested in numerous troubled properties representing a total value of over $50 million!


BCDH’s President and CEO, Jeff Holroyd has had a 16 year reputation as an outstanding and successful real estate developer, manager and as a consultant for NPN’s. In addition Mr. Holroyd was a successful high net-worth portfolio advisor for Merrill Lynch, managing assets valued over $75 million.


BCDH investment strategy is based on acquiring the distressed properties with loans ranging from $50,000 – $20 million and reverses the aching property to a much higher profitable value.


-The U.S Housing market began to decline in 2006/2007 and has possibly yet to reach rock bottom in this current year. As a result, this National Housing Crisis has turned an estimated 5.2 million homes nationwide into foreclosure or at least behind on two mortgage payments.


-With the U.S Loan Marketplace estimated at a $1 trillion value, banks are becoming anxious and eager to rid themselves of the foreclosure properties and bad debt to refine their balance sheet; BCDH will alleviate this problem and acquire the distressed properties from the bank.


-According to research, the top 10 states with foreclosure rates include Wisconsin, Illinois, Idaho, Michigan, Florida, Utah, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, and California. With California being the 2nd top state with the highest rate, not only is it BCDH’s hometown but it is BCDH’s current top acquisition location. In June 2011, BCDH acquired a 50 unit apartment complex in Fresno, California for $1 million whose real value was worth at least double. BCDH’s mission is to receive



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