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BCHS (Amalgamated Gold and Silver, Inc.)

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bchsAmalgamated Gold and Silver Inc. (BCHS) is a Miami, Florida based junior resource company that focuses on the acquisition, exploration, development, and production of mineral resources located primarily in Mexico and South America.

One of the company’s current projects, The San Antonio Mine, covers 100 square kilometers and consists of 49 concessions ready for mining in the South American country of Bolivia. Within these concessions lie two resources in high demand worldwide, antimony and gold, with over $1.2 billion in proven resources. Antimony is a key element in the making of flame retardant products, polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polyester, lead batteries, touchscreen and semi-conductors, LED screens, ammunition, and ceramics and glass products. Additionally, the project will also include the development and processing of 22,500 tons of tailings dump and have been concluded by research to contain between 3.5% – 5% of antimony; a value of $7 million at minimum.

Additional revenue will derive from the company’s second project, La Bonanza and Black Power Concession, in Mexico that contains high grades of gold, silver, iron ore and copper.


Symbol: BCHS   [ Current PPS: $0.0551   Outstanding Shares: 455.7M   Float: 15.7M   – a/o January 28, 2014 ]

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Mining Facts:

  • Antimony is the 3rd most strategic mineral needed in the world
  • 57% of flame retardant products require the use of antimony and have no current substitute
  • Many geologists believe the country of Bolivia and its surroundings is the future of the world’s antimony reserves
  • The Price of Antimony is currently valued at nearly $10,000 USD per metric ton and was previously valued at over $13,000 per ton in June 2012.
  • China produces approximately 89% of the global antimony production.
  • According to different sources, including the U.S Geological Survey, research has concluded the current reserves of antimony will run out in the next 8 – 12 years based on the current usage.
  • The current largest antimony mine in China, accounting for 50% of Chinese production, is expected to have a mining life left of 5 years, despite its continuing mining of 110 years.
  • After a tepid 2013, analysts are seeing 2014 as the comeback year for precious metals.
  • The price of silver will reverse from its decline due to economic growth and industrial demand; it accounted for 45% of industrial demand in the last two years.


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