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BMSN (Bio-Matrix Scientific Group)

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bmsnBio-Matrix Scientific Group (BMSN) is a biotechnology company who, through its wholly owned subsidiary Regen BioPharma Inc., focuses on developing regenerative medical therapies and tools through the acquisition of patents and accelerating preclinical and clinical development.


 Symbol: BMSN   [ Current PPS: $0.0034   Outstanding Shares: 2.3B   Float: 2.2M   – a/o September 25, 2013 ]

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The company’s goal is to develop a medical platform that focuses on the human therapies that have unmet medical needs through stem cell treatments that target internal organs such as the heart, lung, and circulatory system. To build this platform, BMSN has identified over 20,000 patents related to multiple stem cell therapeutics and has narrowed their list down to 2,000 U.S patents that may be commercially applied and has further identified 30 patents to be made available for licensing. With this process, the company is able to advance the preclinical, Phase I, and Phase II clinical trials and license these new technologies to other entities, universities, and institutions within one to two years of growth.

Currently, the company has acquired and begun the development of multiple stem cell therapies aimed at different diseases including:

  • HemaXellerate – a U.S Food and Drug Administration approval pending cellular drug developed to stimulate the production of blood cells, heal injured bone marrow, and help patients with aplastic anemia.
  • a New Gene Silencing Cancer Immunotherapy– stimulating the immune system to specifically inhibit the enzyme, known as gene silencing,  that permits a tumor to escape the immune system in a non-toxic method.



  • A company known as Bristol-Myers Squibb developed Ipilimumab, a cancer drug designed to block the tumor from escaping the immune system by augmenting immune response, saw 2012 sales of $706 million.
  • The Cancer Vaccine Market is forecasted to grow from 2010’s $12.8 billion to $17.4 billion by 2018.
  • Over1.5 million Americans are diagnosed each year in the U.S
  • The overall cost of cancer treatment is estimated to be $230 billion per year
  • Sales of a Herceptin, a monoclonal antibody utilized to treat breast cancer, reached $1.66 billion in 2011.
  • Over 209,000 new cases of breast cancer develop each year with 30% of these patients being treatment resistant.
  • Blood production disorders exceed $4.84 billion  per year
  • The Global Aplastic Anemia Therapeutics Market was valued at $73.3 million in 2011 and is estimated to total $79.7 million by 2019.


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