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CBMJ (CannaBrands, Inc.)

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cbmj logoCannaBrands Inc. (CBMJ) is a Florida based acquisition company who acquires, develops, and markets uniquely branded cannabis specialty goods for infusion and distribution by licensed processors in the U.S., specifically in the legalized states of Washington and Colorado.

A recent in article in the Huffington Post details how “Legal Marijuana Is The Fastest-Growing Industry in the United States”, and if legalization should continue spreading, it could become larger than the Organic Food industry. Currently, some states have legalized medical marijuana but have yet to legalize recreational use. The states of Washington and Colorado are presently the top two states generating high sales for all cannabis products. Upon legalization on New Year’s Day 2014, Colorado shop owners estimated over $1 million in collective sales on their first day. A year later, cannabis sales totaled $700 million. Eager to generate similar, possibly more, sales is the state of Washington who is currently sorting through 2,000 new applicants eager to be granted retail licenses by this July as the state is now permitting recreational use.

Ready to capitalize on the future increased sales of multiple states in the U.S, CBMJ has Launched a Product Line of six cannabis infused sodas for medical distribution. The Green Cloud Collective in Lynden, Washington is the first location to have CBMJ’s Silly Citrus, Orange Frost, Cheer Root Beer, Lemon Freeze, Cheeba Cola, and Giggle Fruit Punch sodas and will soon Expand Throughout the Washington with the assistance of a multi-location dispensary group known as Top Shelf. However, U.S expansion has already Expanded to the State of Oregon who was recently introduced to the line of cannabis infused sodas. The brand expansion and exposure of the company does not stop there, as CBMJ has successfully Become the Title Sponsorship of a Radio Production, LoudMouth News, a first in a business news series aiding publicly traded companies and products in the emerging marijuana industry.


Symbol: CBMJ [ Current PPS: $0.035 Outstanding Shares: 131M Float: 15.3M – a/o February 22, 2015 ]

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  • Cannabis sales in Colorado totaled $700 million in 2014.
  • There are 485,000 adults 21 and over in Colorado uses marijuana regularly.
  • 94% of the state of Colorado’s total patients are awaiting a license for medical use.
  • Washington state budget officials estimate the state would generate approximately $134 million in tax revenue betweet 2015-2017.
  • ArcView Group, a California cannabis industry investment and research firm, has found that the legal cannbis market in the U.S. grew 74% in 2014 to $2.7 billion.
  • 23 states and the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana however research analysts predict a total of 37 states could exist by 2020.
  • Research analysts project all of the current state-legal cannabis markets combined have the potential to create a market worth of almost $11 billion annually.
  • Research analysts estimate if all 50 states legalized both medical and recreational marijuana, the U.S. marijuana industry could create a market value of $35 billion by 2020, opposed to the $21 billion if current situations remained nearly the same.
  • Cannabis in Arizona increased to $155 million in 2014, up from $120 million in 2013.
  • Oregon and Alaska are expected to contribute $275 million in retail marijuana sales within their first year of operation.
  • The renowned Dr. Oz and CNN Dr. Sanjay Gupta have become recent supporters of Medical Marijuana.
  • The U.S. House and Senate is currently aiming to change the medical cannabis laws.


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