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CGAC (Code Green Apparel Corp.)

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Code Green Apparel Corp. (CGAC) is a Newly OTC Traded, California headquartered company who focuses on the manufacturing and marketing of eco-friendly apparel made from recycled textiles.

Research indicates that over 2,600 liters of water is needed to produce the cotton required to manufacture a single shirt and approximately 21 billion pounds of textile waste is deposited each year in U.S. landfills. If 300 millionAmericans recycled one t-shirt, the U.S. could avoid utilizing approximately 210 billion gallons of water and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1 million pounds. Aiming to reduce the environmental impact of the apparel industry, CGACoffersuniforms, t-shirts, shirts, pants, shorts, jackets, aprons, hats, and other accessories made from recycled textile waste to Fortune 500 companies with sustainability campaigns and initiatives.

Currently, Target, H&M, Gap,and Levi’s are all reputable companies whose sustainability efforts for the textile mills producing the fabric for their brand have saved each company $14.7 million in production costs. Similarly, the franchise company Chipotle, proudly embraces the use of eco-friendly uniforms for all its employees.

Furthermore, CGAC has Entered into a Letter of Intent with Frisco Rivet LLC, as the exclusive sourcing partner to develop and produce denim apparel and related sportswear under the Jacob Davis brand, the pioneer of the reinforcement copper rivets found on today’s jeans.




Market Outlook:

  • Denim jeans represent approximately $60 billion of the global market for retailers
  • The average consumer owns seven pairs of denim jeans
  • The global textile and garment industry is currently worth an estimated $3,000 trillion.
  • In 2014, a Neilson survey detailed that of the 30,000 people across the world questioned, nearly 50% stated they would be willing to pay more for items made by companies who are committed to making positive social and environmental impact.
  • Americans recycle or donate only 15% of their used clothing
  • According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, approximately 24 billion pounds of post-consumer textile waste goes to landfill each year.
  • Over 2,600 liters of water is needed to produce the cotton required for a single shirt.
  • Cotton is one of the world’s highly demanded crop.
  • Global cotton output has increased by 50% in the past 20 years.
  • Less than 1% of the world’s water is accessible and usable for human to drink and use.
  • Water use is forecasted to increase by 50% in developing countries by 2025.
  • Cotton production accounts for 24% of the world’s sales of insecticides and 11% of pesticides

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