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CUBV CUBA Beverage

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CUBV CUBA Beverage


Symbol:                                     CUBV .pk



Outstanding Shares                               50.3M

Float                                                               18.0M


CUBA Beverage Company (CUBV.PK) is a San Diego, California headquartered company, founded in 2007, that is answering the demand of the rapidly growing multi-billion U.S Energy Beverage Market for an all-natural energy beverage that will not result in an “energy crash” caused by the caffeine and high sugar content in the current energy drinks available in the market.


CUBV is providing a healthy method to boost the consumer’s energy levels through CUBV’s creation of a healthy and all-natural energy beverage, Cuba Herbal Energy Juice, which contains no artificial ingredients, no high fructose corn syrup or sugars, no preservatives, and especially no caffeine or no taurine.  As one of the first all-natural energy products on the market, CUBV is currently distributed in various locations across Florida, California, the Caribbean, Dominican Republic, Western Africa, South America, Cayman Islands and is the official sponsor of a premier surf academy in Southern California.


However, the U.S is not the only nation to express their demands for an all-natural energy drink. 72% of Chinese consumers are demanding an energy drink with no artificial ingredients while 75% are eager to purchase drinks composed of only natural ingredients. As so, CUBV recently announced the execution of a distribution agreement to take CUBV’s Cuba Herbal Energy Juice product line to China. Within this current year, CUBV will deliver approximately 20,000 cases to China and add an additional $360,000 in sales for CUBV in 2012.

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