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DALT (Dalton Industries, Inc.)

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daltDalton Industries Inc. (DALT) is a research and development company operating in the visual effects, games, and digital content creation industries in addition to providing consultation and supervision services for feature film, television, and game productions.

The company is best known for developing computer graphic arts, pipelines, and hardware and software tools for feature film, television, and game productions which leverage the knowledge and experience of DALT into commercial products. As so, DALT has been actively working with various tools and devices related to the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality industries.

Augmented Reality is a live view of a physical, real world environment with sound, video, and graphics supplemented by a computer or otherwise known as enhancing a current perception of reality. Current examples include Google Glass, a pair of hands free “glasses” that allow the use to take pictures, videos, send messages, and use GPS while still viewing the real world; a website that lets users virtually “try on” a potential jewelry, shoes, or clothing purchase in addition to customizing their own home. Similarly, virtual reality is an artificial environment created by software that enables a person to interact with an artificial 3D visual. It is because of these types of technology that we can all enjoy those mind blowing, “looks so real” visual effect movies.

With that in mind, DALT is currently developing two commercial software products that follow the anticipated Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Head Mounted Display Device and Leap Motion’s Leap Controller for use in future visual effects, games, 3D animation and audio productions.


Symbol: DALT [ Current PPS: $0.32 Outstanding Shares: 60.2M Float: 30.1M – a/o October 7, 2014 ]

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  • The Oculus Rift is an upcoming new virtual reality headset that will allow game enthusiasts to step inside their favorite games and virtual worlds.
  • Approximately $5.2 billion in revenues is expected to come from Augmented Reality apps.
  • IKEA catalogues recently features bonus material which allowed the user to activate 50 bonus pages with a 360 and 180 degree virtual view of rooms.
  • Autodesk Showcase 2014 is a new software that can be used by architects, marketing professionals, designers, and engineers to transform 3D models into interactive walk-throughs and presentations.
  • Global brands such as Lego, NIVEA, and National Geographic have all launched campaigns worldwide utilizing augmented reality.
  • Consumer Virtual Reality Market is forecasted to total $5.2 billion by 2018.
  • According to a new market research, augmented reality technology will be widely utilized in the education field for advanced learning and teaching by 2015.


Recent News

  • DALT Announced a Partnership with Declaration Pictures Inc. to produce two, all computer graphic, action and drama series for virtual reality and augmented reality devices including the Samsung GearVR, Sony’s Project Morpheus VR headset for Playstation 4, and Oculus Rift.

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