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Symbol:                                        ECRY.ob


Current PPS:                                      $0.91

10-Day Avg Vol:                                313.1K


Outstanding Shares:                       135.1M

Float:                                                      33.9M


The recent adoption of Smartphones grants consumers the ability to do anything from online banking to quickly receiving and sending documents or doing anything web-based, but how do we know this personal and private information is being safely sent and received?  Why has it now become a necessity to electronically sign and encrypt documents? The answer is simple; encryption is needed to prevent hackers from going on luxurious shopping sprees on your credit card and securing company data from unauthorized access.


eCrypt Technologies Inc. (ECRY) provides security solutions to encrypt emails, files, pictures, conversations and any other information that requires the protection and security of privacy.


As an information security company founded in 2007, ECRY uses the most powerful encryption algorithm available to effectively prevent the theft of information during the in and out-going email transmission. ECRY accomplishes this by providing “eCrypt Me” and “eCrypt One on One, two softwares that answer the active internet users needs in protecting sensitive information that require the utmost security. ECRY’s eCRYpt Me, formally called eCrypt Mobile Mail Privacy, main feature is the incorporation of a file vault that safely stores files being sent or received containing sensitive information without limiting the method of access one choses. ECRY gives email users the ability of safely retrieving this information from the vault from any internet access device such as Blackberry, laptop, internet cafes, hotel computers, or office. ECRY prevents the entering of SPAM, advertising or the scan of emails by advertisers to your inbox while keeping your original email address and using the highest level of encryption security.


ECRY’s “eCrypt One on One” is software already embedded into Blackberry phones that protect instant messaging, multimedia message, voice communication, pin-to-pin, and short message services on these Blackberry or smartphone devices that granting the exact protection and coverage that ECRY’s eCrypt Me software provides.




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