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ETBI (EastGate Biotech Corp.)

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etbiEastGate Biotech Corp. (ETBI) is an emerging pharmaceutical company dedicated to producing and delivering innovative health alternatives to conventional pharmaceuticals that are more than likely to develop dangerous side effects and unforeseen consequences.

Utilizing state-of-the-art nanotechnologies, ETBI has developed a line of nutraceuticals  based largely on natural essential herbal oils to address neurological disorders such as panic attacks, epilepsy, infectious diseases and diabetes. Research estimates nearly two-thirds of North America uses nutraceuticals and the U.S. alone will create a market worth $75.3 billion by 2017 whereas the global market will reach $204.7 billion within the same year. Looking to feed the future demand, ETBI has introduced a line of natural dietary supplements to assist in vitamin delivery and skin conditions, glucose regulations, urinary tract health improvement and more.

Currently, the company’s Patent Portfolio includes a patented, non-invasive intraoral spray, Lorazapam Spray, designed to deliver a low volume anti-convulsant formulation for acute and repetitive seizures and provide a new alternative to injectable benzodiazepines known to efficiently control epilepsy emergencies. Another natural product has been designed for diabetes patients to increase body sensitivity to insulin and allow them to lower their daily insulin intake by preventing fat formation from excessive amounts of sugar.

Furthermore, ETBI is in preparation of a Formulation of Intraoral Insulin Tablets for diabetes patients. In addition, the company is seeking to expand its formulations to include an herbal drop to detoxify the liver and restore normal function and chewing tablets to help restore cell membrane and mitochondria from radiation exposure of CT scans, x-rays, airport scanners and other devices.


Symbol: ETBI [ Current PPS: $0.0318 Outstanding Shares: 78.31M Float: 13.63M – a/o February 26, 2015 ]

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  • S Nutraceuticals Market is expected to total $75.3 billion by 2017.
  • The Global Nutraceutical Market is forecasted to reach $204.7 billion by 2017.
  • Over 87% of U.S consumers take some form of dietary supplement while 69% use a complimentary or alternative form of alternative medicine
  • There are over 380 million people worldwide who have been diagnosed with diabetes however 185 million people remain undiagnosed.
  • According to Transparency Market Research, the global insulin market is expected to total $32.24 billion by 2019


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