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GARB Oil & Power

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GARB Oil & Power 


Symbol:                           GARB



Outstanding Shares:        45.5B

Float:                                        25.5B


Garb Oil & Power Corporation (GARB) is Murray, Utah based pioneer company who provides green solutions to the Waste Refinement and Recycling Industries with a specialization for waste rubber, waste-to-energy, and electronic waste (E-waste).


GARB is globally known for its commitment to innovation, as it the founder of the first globally adapted tire shredder and off the road tire processor. Additionally, GARB is one of the few global companies to provide an off the road tire processor with the capability of processing tires with a diameter of up to 14 feet.  GARB’s most recent contributions to the industry is GARB’s E-waste recycling system which will recycle the scarce precious metals, such as platinum, ruthenium, palladium, iridium, gold and silver, and recovering 95% of recyclable household appliances such as refrigerators. Likewise, GARB takes further advantage of the tire granulate and fine powders created from the recycling process to create additional products in various grain sizes thus resulting in GARB’s creation of tire recycling plants with high returns. Moreover, GARB’s innovative technology focus is also geared toward car recycling, soil remediation, aircraft recycling, and other general recycling.


In the meantime, GARB recently announced their commitment to diligent work on accomplishing their upcoming plans for 2013. Within 2013, GARB anticipates the completion of a U.S E-waste company acquisition, plans to finalize an agreement for GARB’s first recycling project in Nevada, and commence GARB’s first recycling project in Italy. Furthermore, GARB also announced it’s enter into a Letter of Intent for acquisition of both business and property of O’Leary Enterprise Inc.

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