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GCEI Global Clean Energy

GCEI Global Clean Energy 


Symbol:                                   GCEI



Outstanding Shares:                   67.4M

Float:                                                       49M


Global Clean Energy Inc. (GCEI) is a Humble, Texas based clean-technology company who focuses on providing waste to energy conversion solutions and is currently participating in the Obama Administration’s effort to achieve energy independence via the development of renewable energy.


Recently, the U.S government has designed several programs such as The Rural Energy for America Program (REAP), The Rural Development Loan Guarantee Program), The Biomass Research and Development Institute, and The Biomass Crop Assistance Program, and to aid companies like GCEI achieve the nation’s energy independence. Taking full advantage of such programs, GCEI will support the governments journey through a process referred to as “R.E.S.C.U.E” (Reforming Environmental Salvage into Clean Usable Energy, GCEI is utilizing two proprietary patent technologies, which will recover and/or extract from previous uneconomic and unconventional industrially abandoned sources and in turn convert into viable Energy Resource Materials. GCEI’s technology currently consists of GCEI’s Air-Pump, which utilizes Vortex technology, and a hybrid steam gasifier, G2G Steam Reformer, to divide waste and recover carbon from the extracted materials. Together, GCEI is focusing on two specific targets on the multi-billion Green Alternative Energy Sector; first, the conversion of slurry pond residues into dry, usable area and secondly, the construction of specialized gasification plants to convert carbon based feedstock into clean renewable energy.


Furthermore, GCEI has identified the growth of algae and jatropha as an efficient feedstock for GCEI’s clean energy production and has accordingly made algae production location proposals in rural parts of the U.S, primarily the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. Likewise, GCEI has additionally secured a jatropha seedling and plant source so GCEI may implement GCEI’s jatropha landfill projects. With this in mind, it is GCEI’s belief that GCEI’s project will be the first in involving all three levels of government and will particularly aid the government in job creations, provide revenue for local governments and provide revolutionary research for future feedstock development.


In recent news, GCEI has appointed a new Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Brian Levine whom is highly recognized for pioneering and developing new renewable energy platforms. Mr. Levine’s 25 year experience in the renewable and clean technology industries will further advance GCEI’s future business goals in the upcoming New Year.

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