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GRNO Green Oasis Environmental

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Focused on the Acquisition of U.S and Canadian Environmental Companies







Symbol:                          GRNO .pk


Outstanding Shares:           6.5M
Float:                                          3.8M

Green Oasis Environmental Inc. (GRNO) is a Canada and Florida based environmental company that focuses on the acquisition of U.S and Canadian environmental companies that share GRNO’s concern for the remediation of tank bottom oils, waste engine oils, and slop oils and provide an answer to oil and gas companies seeking a solution to solve environmental challenges.

Slop oil, also known as secondary oil, is the combined mixture of oils, chemicals, and water originating from various sources in oil fields or refineries that can be found in evaporation ponds, storage tanks, sludge pits, and commercial disposal facilities. As a result, current oil and gas companies are facing increased pressure to be environmentally responsible and deal with the contaminated solids through the reduction, recycling, and utilizing water over again. Through GRNO’s subsidiary, Custom Carbon Processing Inc., GRNO has the ability to provide slop-oil processing and recycling services, primarily in the states of Montana and Wyoming. GRNO’s state-of-the-art technology will separate oil from the waste water during the production of slop oil and will additionally clean and separate the solids from tank flow back fluids, tank bottom cleanings and will produce pipeline spec oil from the oil based drilling muds.

Furthermore, GRNO’s remediation technology has the capability to process unrefined slop oil and non-saleable oil into standard crude oil with proven capability production to reach 1,500 barrels of slop oil and an approximate 50% conversion ratio into finished crude. After this process, GRNO sells the process slop oil to Shell Trading Company which is known to act as the only market interface for Royal Dutch Shell companies and its affiliates across the U.S.

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