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HHGI, a Low Float, Bottom Floor Opportunity for Thursday!

**************** HHGI UPDATE ****************

SR&R’s objective since day one was to find the undiscovered and more importantly UNDERVALUED companies on the OTCBB/PK markets.  HHGI is one of those companies we feel has fallen off the map and is worth much more than the current share price represents.  The company recently underwent a share structure change the chopped the number of shares by 1/1000th.  HHGI reported in financial documents released on March 31, 2001 that the float was just 335,547,800.  If that number has remained unchanged, that would make the current float only 335,547!


Reason why SR&R anticipates HHGI will be a successful play:

-The remaining undeveloped private coastal properties in Hawaii are often limited to agricultural use or have beach access encumbered by state owned parcels or thought to be undevelopable; HHGI does not believe any land is undevelopable and proves so with their expertise in coastal environmental restoration.

HHGI’s track record shows they are the only public offering that successfully implements both preservation and income opportunities on coastal properties in the Hawaiian Islands.

HHGI offers incentives and obtains regulatory flexibility through the use of private funding to restore threatened native ecosystems and preserve open space that implement government land protection policy.

The LouLu Palm Estate has become the most sought after eco-friendly nature event location in Hawaii; the property already has 85 events booked for 2011 and 12 so far for 2012.

HHGI released STRONG NEWS this morning in regards to the company Strengthening With 20 New Venues to Accommodate Smaller Budgets and Increases Availability in Sluggish EconomyHHGI is focused on GROWTH; more facilites will equate to more revenue for HHGI!

Due to a recent share struction change, as we already mentioned above, SR&R suspects that the current float is only 335,547!!

Taking a look at the chart below, it is clear that HHGI is a BOTTOM FLOOR OPPORTUNITY!!

******* See original HHGI story below *******





Current PPS:                       .09

Suspected Float:                335,547


HHGI is a hot penny stock play…

Hawaiian Hospitality Group Inc (HHGI) is an eco-engineering and business service company located in Haleiwa, Hawaii, that focuses on marketing under-utilized waterfront properties in islands of Hawaii.

In order to successfully design and operate recreational and/or visitor serving income projects, HHGI must negotiate with Federal, State, and local governments on the undeveloped coastal properties to ease the land-use restrictions and regulations. After negotiations, which include native habitat and ecosystem restoration, HHGI uses innovative approaches to land use that produce profitable enterprises while assuring the protection of the environment.  HHGI‘s cooperation with the goverment also can provide significant tax benefits and value for the company.

Coastal expertise in environmental restoration and knowledge, combined with partnerships with government agencies, enables HHGI to advance projects once considered undevelopable. HHGI has the capability to conserve, improve and restore native Hawaiian ecosystems to the public and private coastal sites while minimizing the ecological footprint of its operations.

Currently, HHGI owns and operates the eco-friendly Loulu Palm Estate in Hawaii and offers the only mile long private beach along the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii for private and public events. The Loulu Palm Estate demonstrates HHGI’s commitment to practicing green building and being environmentally conscious to its operations by operating and maintaining maximum energy efficiency and minimizing the impact on land and water.



Members should check out HHGI‘s most recent PRESS RELEASE!


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hhgi chart


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