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House of Mohan Corporation


Symbol:                                             HPCS .ob



Outstanding Shares:                                     249.4M

Float                                                                             59M


HPC POS System Corp. (HPCS) is a 1995 founded company, headquartered in Burke, Virginia that engages in the global manufacturing and distribution of premium quality incense sticks through its wholly owned subsidiary, House of Mohan Corporation.


Incense is an article that has been used for thousands of years for religious, practical and aesthetics uses depending on the culture or region. Current incense products are known to contain saw dust, pork rinds, pig stool or other pig excrement, HPCS thereby focuses on educating its consumers about these inferior incense products that cause harm to the body when burned. For this reason, HPCS’s extended incense product line is constituted of genuine charcoal incense and hand rolled in the most exquisite herbs, spices, honey, oil, and sandalwood powder. Coupled with the value of using non-harmful ingredients, HPCS has successfully developed, manufactured and distributed over 100 fragrances across three continents. In addition to offering traditional incense aromas ranging from jasmine, lavender, sandalwood, vanilla and eucalyptus, HPCS is the first incense manufacturing company to infuse designer type fragrances such as Nautica, Cool Water, Paris Hilton, Angel, Calvin Klein One, Tommy Hilfiger, Jean Paul Gaultier and Glow by JLO.


As a leader in the industry, HPCS is currently working on its latest distribution contracts in the Caribbean and Africa to extend HPCS’s shipments and has enlisted the assistance of Samuel Shapiro & Company to accurately coordinate HPCS’s future shipments. Likewise, HPCS has formed another partnership with a social media and web development, graphic design company, Barta Media, to establish HPCS’s e-commerce platform and facilitate its retail orders.


SR&R anticipates a name/ticker change in the near future for HPCS!

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