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HRAL (HearAtLast Holdings, Inc.)

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hralHearAtLast Holdings, Inc. (HRAL) has developed a chain of hearing stores, known as HearAtLast, that specializes in the marketing and sale of hearing screening services and digital hearing aids.

The company’s facilities, currently within select Walmart stores of Canada, offer a wide selection of high quality brand name hearing aids and offer clinical hearing tests, complimentary screening tests, assistive listening devices, and high-end ear buds. HRAL’s mission is to expand and develop opportunities within the Hearing Aid and Audiology market by co-developing and licensing its brand name throughout North America, within additional Walmart locations, and independent locations. Thus far, the company has formed strategic alliances with the Children’s Miracle Network, Walgreens, Siemens, AppleTree Medical Group, Future Sonics, Visa, and American Express. However, through HRAL’s latest alliance and partnership with VitaSound, HRAL has created a foundation to begin expansion throughout North America.


Symbol: HRAL [ Current PPS: $0.004 Outstanding Shares: 494.8M Float: 389.2M – a/o January 5, 2014 ]

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  • The Global Audiological Devices Market totaled at $6.2 billion in 2011 and is expected to reach $8.6 billion in 2018.
  • There are over 40 million hearing impaired individuals in North America.
  • 75% of people who could benefit from the use of hearing aids do not use them
  • 30 of every 1,000 school-age children suffer from hearing loss
  • 60% of people with hearing loss are between 21 and 65
  • 1 out of 12 30-year-olds already are hearing impaired  while 1 out of 8 50-year-olds suffer from hearing loss
  • Approximately only 10% of hearing losses are helped by surgery or medical treatment however 90% of hearing losses can be treated with the use of a hearing instrument
  • Only 16% of physicians routinely screen for hearing loss
  • A large portion of Baby Boomers believe their hearing is average or better than average yet, those surrounding them wish they would have their hearing tested.
  • Among seniors, hearing loss is the 3rd more prevalent, but treatable disabling condition, after hypertension and arthritis.


Recent News

  • The company has Developed a Proprietary Software Program that will be used to screen for hearing loss more effectively and will be accessible by authorized personnel in various locations affiliated or licensed by HRAL.


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