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IMUN Immunovative

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IMUN Immunovative


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Immunovative Inc. (IMUN) is a Danbury, Connecticut headquartered biotechnical company founded in 2001 who is focused on the development and commercialization of innovative biological drug products and treatments for the continuous battle of cancer, primarily metastatic, through a worldwide exclusive licensing agreement to commercialize current and patent pending products of Immunovative Therapies LTD.


IMUN’s specialization includes the development of immunotherapy drug products that integrate the infectious disease with living immune cells as the active ingredient for the treatment. Additionally, IMUN uses a concept, referred to as the Mirror Effect, to infuse healthy T-cells into the cancer patient to stimulate the patient’s own immune system and in turn, attack the tumor. Through these technologies, IMUN will develop protocols for patients with various types of cancer including breast, colorectal, ovarian, gall bladder, pancreas, lung, prostate and sarcoma.


Currently, IMUN’s lead immunotherapy development includes IMUN’s AlloStim, which uses IMUN’s method of the Mirror Effect, and AlloVax. IMUN’s AlloVax is IMUN’s latest development that integrates AlloStim with a vaccine formulated with chaperone proteins; chaperone proteins are proven to be cancer antigens and assist the immune system to prevent the tumor from reoccurring. Accordingly, IMUN’s AlloStim has recently received regulatory clearance to conduct Phase II and III clinical trials at the National Cancer Institute of Thailand while IMUN’s AlloVax is awaiting regulatory clearance to commence a controlled Phase I and II clinical study in refractory neck and head cancer. As a result of these advancements, IMUN has recently extended their collaborations with various cancer centers across the U.S, including The University of Arizona Cancer Center and Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine to further develop IMUN’s immunotherapy products in other types of cancers such as children’s Leukemia.

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