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ISIM Insight Management

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ISIM Insight Management




Outstanding Shares          154.2M  

Float                                             153.8M  


ISIM is a Hot Go-Geen Tech Play!


Insight Management Corporation ( is a New York Leadership in Energy and Design (LEED) certified go-green technology company that is providing green sustainable solutions that include solar panel technology, wholesale plant distribution, wind turbine systems, eco-friendly prefabricated homes and workspaces via two subsidiaries, Simple Green Technologies and Simply Constructed.


ISIM combines the renewable energy the world has to offer and converts them into green building materials. ISIM is replacing the traditional homebuilding method by creating greenhouses and construction homes at the lowest carbon footprint possible to coincide with nature. ISIM’s advanced building panels are built to withstand the heaviest storms and be tornado, fire, and flood resistant.


Likewise, ISIM’s third subsidiary, Simpson Brothers Greenhouse, is combining efforts with Simply Constructed to incorporate the green technology into its greenhouses to inspire other greenhouses to join the “green” movement as they are the largest wholesale growers and distributors in the Michigan area.



Why does SR&R like ISIM?

  • According to industry analysts, the global green building material market is expected to surpass $406 Billion by 2015 with the U.S market alone contributing $71 Billion; ISIM is providing the market with green solutions while using the lowest carbon footprint possible.
  • Despite the economic recession, the organic go-green market has had tremendous growth reaching $26.6 billion in organic consumer products; ISIM is focused on providing products using the lowest carbon footprint.
  •  ISIM demonstrates leadership in multiple markets of BIPV solar products, wholesale organic products from their greenhouse, and green prefab construction.
  •  ISIM is combining the use of renewable energy and converting them in green building materials; By 2016, 90% of the home building construction will be “green” built.
  •  Green home construction accounted for 17% of the overall 2011 U.S residential construction. By 2016, research is showing the market to grow 29-38% with a value of $87-114 Billion!
  •  ISIM subsidiary, Simply Constructed is providing eco-friendly structures that offer the potential of huge savings over the traditional construction.
  •  The U.S solar PV market doubled in size in 2011 and is forecasted to expand in 2012; ISIM is perfectly positioning themselves is the solar market.
  •  The commercialization of renewable energy is currently valued at $115 billion (in 2008) and increases about $10 billion each year with a forecast in revenues of $325.1B by 2018!
  •  President Obama’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act encourage the finding of alternative energy sources and are going to continue in 2012; Over 119 countries have implemented a policy just like ours to conserve our planet.
  •  Research has proven that the commercialization of clean energy helped countries around the world pull out of the 2009 global financial crisis
  •  According to studies done by the International Energy Agency, solar power technology will produce the majority of the world’s electricity within the next 50 years.
  • ISIM’s subsidiary, Simpson Brothers Greenhouse, has a three-generation legacy that has made them well-known for naturally growing 90% of their own product with the highest quality and freshness available.


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