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LATF Latteno Food

LATF Latteno Food


Symbol:          LATF



Outstanding Shares:  34.4M

Float:                           25M


Latteno Food Corp. (LATF) is a Canada based company who engages in the acquisition and development of Food & Beverage products with a primary focus on the expectant $46 billion US  Medical Marijuana Market.


Various medical patients are accustomed to smoking or vaporizing their cannabis medication yet have forgotten the alternative method of administering their cannabis medication that has existed since the 60’s. Through a Recent Acquisition of a $2.1 million Operation, LATF has expanded into the newly emerged Medical Marijuana Edibles market where LATF will venture with distributors and retailers that have mastered the technique of modernizing medicinal marijuana into various edible products such as chocolates, brownies, waffles, streusels, pie, cookies, teas, lollipops, lozenges, muffins and many more.


Edible Marijuana is remerging as a more efficient method for medicinal marijuana as a result of the THC having a higher presence and increased positive effects contrary to the traditional smoking or vaporizing methods. Among these increased positive effects include those suffering from arthritis and joint pains that have experienced extended pain relief when consuming a medical marijuana edible. Currently, the only forms of acquiring marijuana edibles are through medicinal marijuana dispensaries available only in the legalized U.S states or through the custom creations of a recipe.


As this new market emerges and the legalization of medical marijuana expands, the need and demand for medical marijuana dispensaries and edibles will be needed. For this reason, LATF is currently in the Process of Acquiring Local Marijuana Edible Suppliers in California that will align with LATF’s Strategic Model to Achieve $10 million by 2015.

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