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LIMO Li-ion Motors

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LIMO Li-ion Motors


Symbol:   LIMO.ob


Outstanding Shares:  6.4M

Float:                           3.5M


Li-ion Motors Corp. (LIMO) is a Las Vegas, Nevada and Mooresville, North Carolina headquartered Technology Company founded in 2000 that focuses on the development, marketing, and manufacturing of electric powered vehicles via the use of lithium battery technology.

 LIMO looks Ready to ROCK!

Why Battery Electric Vehicles?

  • Fuel cells consume four times the electricity per mile than Battery Electric Cars and require electricity to compress hydrogen
  • Battery electric cars have twice the driving range of Fuel Cell Cars with the same weight
  • Fuel Cell hydrogen tank safety has become a major concern
  • Fuel Cell Car fueling and its systems are more complicated than Electric Vehicle plug-in system
  • Electricity is much more cost-efficient than fuel.


LIMO’s state of the art, patented Battery Management System (BMS) powers the lithium-ion batteries that resulted in the world’s first and fastest 100% electric car, capable of 170 mph, and acceleration capability to reach 60 mph in 3.4 seconds, The Inzio. In addition, LIMO’s patented BMS resulted in the 2010 Progressive Automotive X Prize Winner, the WAVE II. LIMO’s reliable and maintenance free vehicles feature a quiet motor and use less than a tenth as many parts as a gas powered vehicle. By using less than a tenth of regular auto parts, LIMO’s electric cars have eliminated the frequent oil change, filter change, and tuning because there is not engine, transmission, spark plugs, fuel tank, valves, distributor, tailpipe, clutch or muffler!


LIMO’s thorough and successful research and development of its electric vehicles have enabled LIMO to amend its agreement with Lithium Electric Vehicle Corp of Canada. This extended collaboration will allow LIMO to benefit from the incentives of the Canadian government and secure LIMO’s position as industry leader.




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