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MELY (Microelectronics Technology Co.)

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melyMicroelectronics Technology Co. (MELY) is a U.S Technology Company involved in multiple technologies with attention to cloud computing via its wholly owned subsidiary, Cloud Data Corporation.

Cloud computing is defined as having the ability to access programs through the internet without having the program be installed locally on the computer or laptop. Cloud computing benefits include:

  • Cost Reduction – Cloud computing technology is paid incrementally, saving organizations money.
  • Extended Storage – Organizations can increase their storage of data than on private computer systems.
  • Acutely Automated – IT personnel must no longer worry about maintaining software up to date.
  • Adaptability – Cloud computing offers much more flexibility and adaptability than previous computing methods.
  • Increased Mobility – Employees may access information at any office location, instead of having to remain at desks.
  • Shift Focus of IT – Eliminating worry about frequent server updates and other added computing issues, shifting the concentration to innovation.

MELY is offering powerful solutions as it is has proven to be an international leader in the Cloud Computing field over the past three years with multiple servers in various countries among the U.S, Canada, and Europe. In addition, MELY is the sole owner and proprietor of a unique patent pending technology, Domain Stutter, which is capable of deploying hundreds of websites in a strategic, rapid, and efficient manner. Similarly, the company provides the next generation software and architecture for cloud computing, Sproq, that will eliminate the need of buying and configuring servers, operating systems, networks and services because MELY’s cloud hosting application will expand its resources as website traffic increases, integrate version control, support a wide range of frameworks and languages, and most importantly eliminate the custom engineering and setup an application traditionally requires.

Currently, the company has expanded its business to include the Creation of the First, Fully Audited Bitcoin Mining Pool for all miners to successfully and securely use worldwide. In simple terms, miners use a specific program to calculate highly complex, puzzling math problems and in return are issued virtual money or cryptocurrency known as “bitcoins.”  There are currently 21 million bitcoins available worldwide that cannot be created again once all of them are mined, as that fixed amount will continue to circulate. To date, only 11.7 million bitcoins have been mined and has developed a value of $333 USD per digital coin however, some market analysts estimate the value to reach $1,500 in the near future.

Utilizing company solutions, MELY has developed a BTCPOOLPARTY mining pool, the first fully transparent and audited mining pool in the industry, which will work to find BTC block chains. During a preliminarily private mine, the company has already mined over 80 BTC with a value exceeding $42,000 and expects to mine even more once the mining pool is open to the public.


Symbol: MELY [ Current PPS: $0.0084  Outstanding Shares: 4.7M  Float: 4.5M – a/o May 12, 2015 ]

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  • According to industry research, the global cloud computing market “The Cloud” is expected to to total $121.1 billion in 2015 and $270 billion in 2020
  • Application Software Industry which is expected to reach $457 billion
  • Currently only 3% of organizations operate their information technology (IT) over a cloud platform however it is predicted that over the next four years, 43% of organizations will move their business systems to a cloud infrastructure
  • Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer payment system/digital currency that can be utilized to purchase merchandise and make international payments.
  • Small businesses are said to like bitcoin as payment as they can avoid credit card fees or the transaction fees are lower than the average 2% – 3% typically imposed by the credit card processor.
  • The Bitcoin industry is currently valued at $12 billion
  • There are only 21 million bitcoins available worldwide however only 11.7 million have been mined thus far.
  • Bitcoins have an estimated current value of $333 USD per digital coin however some market analysts estimate the value to reach $1,500 USD in the near future.
  • Companies such as Dish Network Corp (NASDAQ:DISH), Expedia Inc. (NASDAQ:EXPE), and Inc. (NASDAQ:OSTK) currently accept bitcoin as a form of currency.


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