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MINE Minerco Resources

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MINE Minerco Resources


Symbol:                        MINE .pk


Outstanding Shares:      69.5M

Float:                                         66.4M


Minerco Resources Inc. (MINE) is a 2007 founded company based in Katy, Texas that is developing, producing, and providing the underdeveloped and highly unexploited region of Latin America with clean, renewable, and alternative energy solutions by maximizing their natural resources.


Almost two-thirds of the energy in Honduras is currently derived from thermo-based power systems that rely on fossil fuels thus making the country of Honduras very vulnerable to the increasing and volatile global oil prices. MINE has a “Green Vision” for Latin America that consists of MINE’s current hydro-electric and wind powered projects in Honduras. MINE’s Chiligatoto Hydro Project is aimed to utilize Honduras “Run of the river” hydroelectricity is a type of hydro-electric generation where the natural flow and elevation drop of a river can be used to generate electricity. MINE utilizes the Chiligatoro and Manazapa Rivers to create a run of the river hydro-electric generation plant that will generate a continuous hydro-electric stream of 6 megawatts/hr, 24/7.In addition, MINE’s hydro-electric project will reduce carbon dioxide emissions to the environment by 31,000 tons. Likewise, MINE’s Iscan Hydro-Electric Project will produce 4 megawatts per hours for the same 24/7, 365/year duration. Utilizing the same 24/7, 365/year method, MINE’s Sayab Wind Project will use the Honduras winds to create a wind energy generation plant with a continuous generation of 100 megawatts


All of MINE’s alternative energy solution projects have been warmly welcomed and approved by the local communities, Honduras’s Natural Resources and Environmental Ministry and has been granted formal approval by the Honduran National Commission of Energy.  MINE is currently awaiting the final congressional approvals to commence full operations as MINE’s Chiligatoro Project, which alone is estimated to have $4.2 million per year in potential revenue.




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