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MSPC (Metrospaces, Inc.)

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mspcMetrospaces Inc. (MSPC) is a boutique real estate development firm who, together with its subsidiaries, acquires, designs, builds, develops, and sells condominiums and luxury high-end hotels worldwide.

Comprised of numerous high standing architects, real estate developers, agents, and attorneys, MSPC is best known for its elite real estate development in which company shareholders have funded projects exceeding $350 million in the America’s and Europe. One of its greatest developments is The London BLVGARI 5-Star Hotel, which is the most expensive hotel location in Britain and is the chosen home to many high-profile celebrities.  With luxurious hotels as their specialty, MSPC intends to develop new properties in South America. Currently, the company is finalizing documentation for the construction of the Caiman Beach Hotel and Spa, Acquired the Tulasi Mandir Hotel and Spa which is  a 28-unit ultra luxury hotel and villa in Venezuela, and is exploring a possible acquisition of a 28-room luxury hotel, villa, and winery in Argentina. Additionally, the company has Acquired Property in the Orinoco Oil Belt in Venuezla for a 120-room hotel and will become the first hotel entrepreneur company to be present on the Orinoco Oil Belt location. Furthermore, the Venezuelan property is forecasted to generate approximately $3 million in EBITDA, as it will meet current hotel demands in the area and is the first of four luxurious hotel developments in Venezuela.

Other current property developments include MSPC’s residential development of condominiums in Caracas, Venezuela, and Buenos Aires, Argentina known respectively as the La Tour 320 and the Chacabuco 1353. The Buenos Aires property in particular has received high interest from investors with four units already sold for $90,000 each.

Moreover, the company extends its real estate speciality with the recent launch of an online short-term apartment rental management service , known as UberVisit, that will allow buyers and current apartment owners to rent out their property to tourists and business travelers in Buenos Aires, Caracas, Miami, and Bogota and will expand to eight additional South American countries in 2015.


Symbol: MSPC  [ Current PPS: $0.0002  Outstanding Shares: 3.1B  Float: 1.1B  – a/o September 10, 2014 ]

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  • Apartment rental prices in Buenos Aires and Caracas average $80 – $110 per unit per night.
  • Several U.S hotel chains, including Hilton Worldwide, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, and Best Western has announced expansion plans for development in Latin America and South America
  • The London BVLGARI 5-Star Hotel first opened in May 2012 and is the first luxurious hotel to be constructed in Britain in over 40 years.
  • The Venezuelan government has changed regulation recently to support the hotel industry.
  • New government programs regulate local private and public banks to finance up to 80% of new hotel projects in Venezuela.
  • Major oil companys such as Chevron, Lukoil, British Petroleum, Total and many others are currently investing $200 billion in exploration and production in the Orinoco Oil Belt area with no hotel accommodations on sight.


Recent News

  • Through a Joint Venture Agreement, MSPC will develop four new luxurious hotels in Venezuela within the next three years.


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