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NDEV Novus Acquisition and Development

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Symbol: NDEV



Oustanding Shares:   162M

Float:                           8.9M


Novus Acquisition and Development Corp. (NDEV) is a New York headquartered Merger and Acquisition Company who actively works on expanding its portfolio and maximizing value for its shareholders through the acquisition of small to medium cap companies.

After diligently analyzing and acquiring companies, often creating them into subsidiaries, NDEV will assist the newly acquired company in branding and advertising their products and/or services through all media forums. Additionally, the company will build distribution by organic funding and investments and, if needed, provide crisis management wherefore the company will develop a new business model, realign management, reassess strategic planning or form new sales and/or distribution tactics. For these reasons, NDEV is providing their operating companies with the resources, services, experience, and skills needed for success in their growing business and in the public market.

The company’s most Recent Acquisition includes Voda Technologies Inc. who has formulated and produced nutrient fortified water, containing significant amounts of nutraceutical compounds and beneficial ingredients, with a pure water taste that includes no additives or preservatives and have zero calories and carbs. This is made possible by NDEV’s exclusive rights to a patented technology, referred to as Organic Cold-fill Process, which allows the company to fortify water with minerals and nutrients while still providing a 100% water taste.

Launching in the near future, NDEV has formulated a product line with 13 product formulations. Aside from those mentioned above, the company’s additional products are developed to assist Digestive, Eye, and Heart Health, Pre-hydration Workout, Brain Stimulation, and Beauty in a Bottle all of which will include the appropriate nutraceuticals and botanicals without the preservatives.

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