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NVGT (Novagant Corp.)

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nvgtNovagant, Inc. (NVGT) is a company with a New Business Direction and a New Executive Team that will focus on developing and acquiring technological products aimed to revolutionize and assist some of the largest industries of today.

The Company’s first product development, and Latest Acquisition, is an innovative and programmable light device with adjusted LED lighting intended to enhance indoor plant growth and cultivation with a specialization for cannabis plants. With a patent pending, the Alkanna light is designed to be universally mountable to any indoor grow-room, grow-box, or green house to provide maximum lighting, maximize the yield of cannabis cultivation, and reduce heat output and energy consumption. Additional features include a smart driver with pre-programmed settings made to adjust to the various growth stages of cannabis plants for optimal growth.

Additional product developments include the world’s highest Cannabidioil-rich hemp oil made for vape users. NVGT’s GLAVape is a cannabidiol-rich hemp vape juice oil that is made 100% natural from the federally legal and industrial hemp plant and is available in all 50 U.S states and over 40 countries.

Furthermore, the company has developed a product intended to Benefit the Construction and Mechanical Industry through a time-efficient tool, known as the EZfitt, that is designed to assist in the installation, modification, or removal of electrical outlets for any residential or commercial contractor without the use of tools.


Symbol:  NVGT   [ Current PPS: $0.349   Outstanding Shares: 77.9M   Float: 25M   – a/o June 25, 2014 ]

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  • In 2013, over $1.43 billion worth of legal marijuana was sold between medical cannabis retailers, processors, and dispensaries and is expected to increase 64% to $2.34 billion by 2014
  • According to ArcView Market Research, the U.S Legal Marijuana Market is forecasted to total $10.2 billion by 2019
  • Colorado shop owners estimate they generated over $1 million in collective sales on the first day of legalization.
  • The state of Colorado also expects tax revenue of marijuana sales to total $91 million and expects the industry to generate the state state $600 million in revenues for 2014.
  • Current research predicts 14 additional states could legalize marijuana for recreational use.
  • A recent article by CNBC details “How legal marijuana could be the next great American industry”
  • According to a study by the University of Kentucky, cannabidioil prompted a physiological brain change that could assist in offsetting the damage caused by chronic alcoholism.
  • A clinical trial conducted in Germany concluded the use of cannabidioil was deemed effective to treat schizophrenia.
  • A 2013 study published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, cannabidioil as proven to possess the medical properties to combat nausea and vomiting, seizure activity, psychosis disorders, neurodegenerative disorders, tumor and cancer cell, and anxiety and depression disorders.


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