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OREO American Liberty Petroleum

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OREO American Liberty Petroleum


Symbol:                               OREO .ob


Outstanding Shares:        105.4M

Float:                                      49.0M


American Liberty Petroleum Corp. (OREO) is a 2008 founded Bakersfield, California-based acquisition, drilling, and production company.  OREO’s focus is on oil and natural gas properties in the under-explored state of Nevada. OREO is committed to reducing America’s dependence on foreign oil. This is right in line with President Obama’s commitmet to decrease U.S oil import by a third before 2022; OREO sees all the potential in the under-explored state of Nevada and is diligently working on maximizing the production that American soil has to offer.

OREO currently has three oil and gas leases in Nevada.  In combination, OREO’s properties have the potential to surpass California’s third largest oil producer’s, Occidental Petroleum, 2009 discovery of 1 billion barrels of oil in California.

OREO’s Gabbs Valley Prospect is composed of 6,397 acres and is perfectly situated on Nevada’s Cobble Cuesta structure, which is estimated to have reserves in excess of 4 billion barrels. Similarly, OREO’s Kibby Flat Prospect of 7,270 acre is located in the Monte Cristo basin of Nevada where 2008 geologist reports concluded OREO’s property has recovery reserves as much as 669 million barrels. OREO’s recent lease of the 3,840 acre Cortez lease that is located nearby OREO’s Gabbs Valley Prospect which also included the acquisition of the Paradise 2-12 well that has been stated by mud logs to have several zones containing live oil. OREO is currently doing its due diligence on all the properties named above and plans to have pumping operations and completion activities in place in the very near future.




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