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PPTF ProGaming Platforms

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PPTF ProGaming Platforms


Symbol:                               PPTF .pk

Outstanding Shares:  51M

Float:                           10.0M


PPTF is a Hot Penny Stock!

ProGaming Platforms Corp (PPTF) is a 2010 founded company that is targeting the $15 billion online gaming industry with PPTF’s one of a kind ultimate gaming platform to enhance the Internet player’s experience and provide opportunities for monetary rewards.


Previous skill game platforms relied on participants to accurately note their game scores which then created conflicts if the reports were correct. PPTF has eliminated this controversy as PPTF’s patent-pending game system platform will assure the games are equal for all participants and record all results, statistics, and scores. PPTF will then accurately rank players to their previous successes and place the participants in the appropriate levels, according to their skill, so that beginners will not be against an expert. In addition, PPTF provides monetary awards by having participants pay for the right to compete in the skill based games with similar players by paying a nominal entrance fee before each game they choose to be part of. As a result, the PPTF determined winner will win the monetary prize and the “unfair” playing is eliminated.


PPTF’s gaming platform is available to be applied to any online skill game, be licensed by an online gamer provide, sit on a third party server and has the ability to operate with existing billing systems available today. Currently, PPTF is close to completion of a unique social 3D flash game that will combine PPTF’s capabilities with the online advertising industry, with attention to the swiftly growing sector of social media advertisement.



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